When we sit down with digital marketing clients in Frodsham, Cheshire, or in the virtual space, we are often asked what we do. It is hard to explain what we are doing here, as there are simply no cookie-cutter options at LMNts Marketing. That is why we managed to win two awards in the space of 12 months awarded by top digital marketing directories. In fact, we don’t want the clients who are looking for “push button marketing solutions” and we never try to push services they will not benefit from. Here’s how we work.

Check out our Clutch Award and our Designrush Award.

We Create an Initial Review and Offer a Free Consultation

We don’t want you to just click through the site and submit your credit card details. In fact, it is almost impossible to communicate all the value we offer in just a few bullet points. Not to mention that we want to get to know your business, so we can be sure that we can help you. We will not work with clients who don’t know their USP or ideal client, but we can help you figure it out.

We Take Notes and Come Up with a Plan that Will Work for Your Business

You can book different marketing overview services through our page and we will provide you a holistic sales funnel plan. This means that you will walk away with an action plan, no matter if you engage with us or not. However, things get excited when you do start working with us. We will work with you on identifying the right brand messages, marketing channels, your ideal clients, and complete your marketing SWOT that is currently priced at £199, but is free for all our clients. Once we are done with the preparation stage, we put the plan together and create your digital marketing strategy.

We Get the Plan Approved By You

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Of course, we might be great at what we do and the highest rated marketing agency in Frodsham, Cheshire, but we don’t know everything about your business. We want you to be a co-creator of your sales funnel and your marketing campaign, so we get the plan approved by you before we start the campaign.

We Monitor and Report the Progress

Unlike other marketing agencies, we will communicate with you all the way. We are not in it for the quick money; we are building and improving our reputation as the top digital marketing agency in Frodsham, Cheshire. We will send you regular updates and make sure that you understand what we are doing in the background. From time  to time, we will also come up with suggestions and new ideas that we want to try, but never without running it through you.

We Make Adjustments to Your Digital Marketing Strategy, So you Get a Better Return On Marketing Investment

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We accept the fact that we can’t get everything right and the digital marketing space changes faster than you can imagine, including search engine and social media algorithms. Therefore, instead of just sitting on our laurels, we will do everything we can to make adjustments and improve your return on your marketing investment every month.

Are you interested in working with our award-winning sales funnel and digital marketing agency in Frodsham, UK? Get in touch below to arrange a free consultation and find out more about our values and how we help our clients make the most out of their marketing.


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