At LMnts Marketing, our client satisfaction and rating is more important than anything. Instead of focusing on what we can sell our business clients, we try to figure out how we can help them the best way possible. That’s why we are offering a free brainstorming session and that’s why we were named the B2B provider of 2020 by Clutch. Below you will find out more about why you should have a chat with us.

Step 1: Brainstorming Session

The first step of client relationships is getting to know you and your business. That is why we will spend half an hour with everyone who is serious enough about growing their business through digital marketing in Cheshire and around the world. In fact, we have worked with brands all around the world; from America to Costa Rica, the Netherlands, China, and even Thailand. We take the time to get to know your main marketing challenges to address them together. We want you to be a co-creator of your marketing campaigns. this is how the relationship works the best in our business. Our sales funnel agency will not try to push you toward a service you will not benefit from. As an example; if you are a business coach, we will not tell you that you need Instagram management; we will focus on your organic LinkedIn reach.

Step 2: Marketing SWOT

Once you are happy to engage with us on one of the different levels (marketing coaching, social media marketing, or sales funnel development), we will complete the marketing SWOT. It is our signature bespoke digital marketing service that is offered for non-customers for £199 here. Your marketing SWOT will pretty much determine the direction of the campaign, address the shortcomings of the current system, think about monetising your existing traffic, and come up with new sales funnel and social media marketing packages based on the opportunities identified during the session. This session consists of a 30-minute meeting and written notes, so we can make sure that we are on the same page before we start.

Step 3: Ideal Client Sheet

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It is not enough to develop a digital marketing strategy; we also need to understand the pain points of your ideal clients, and that is exactly what this service is all about. We might be the marketing funnel expert, but you are the business owner, and this means that you will have some valuable input to share with us that will help us create and tailor your social media management packages and bespoke sales funnels. Your ideal client exercise will help us create marketing messages that will resonate with your audience. There is no quick fix in digital marketing, and we love doing the research instead of just jumping in.

Step 4: Funnel Development

It is important that we get every information from you and choose the right platforms for the funnel development and the social media campaigns. We will start building your landing pages, your autoresponder sequences, and more. In the background, we work on your success, and we give you regular updates. At the same time, you might want to monitor your social media marketing packages and the performance, and we do that by sending you updates on individual posts’ popularity, new likes and engagement. This will give you a clear picture of what we are doing for your business. Once we finished to design marketing funnels, we will go ahead and test it on traffic. You will be able to see the conversion rates, the performance, and early results. A fully operational funnel is formed.

Step 5: Measurement and Campaign Management

Of course, there’s a lot to do after we launch the funnel. We will continue to optimise the conversion rates, complete the AB testing, and identify the winning combination of videos and text, and scale up your campaign. At this point, you have a few levels of full service sales funnel management packages to choose from. All of the packages will include all your content, your social media management, and your statistics and measurement. We will keep on making adjustments to improve your conversions and get you an even higher ROI.

Step 6: Digital Marketing Alignment

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Of course, the sales funnel management system will also align the message with your audience, and we can carry on expanding your funnel. Adding upsells, downsells, new products, bonuses, and more will help you maximize your revenue and your return on your marketing investment. We will monitor your search engine optimization results, the performance of the landing pages, and the cost of getting a new client. That is how we are different from other Cheshire digital marketing agencies.

Step 7: Mastering Digital Marketing and Social Media Lead Generation

A sales and marketing funnel is never finished. We know that we can always do better, and that is why we love working with long term clients. It takes time to get used to working together, and our fully managed monthly marketing packages will deliver better results month by month. We grow together and continue to work on your success collaborating and brainstorming.

Start your digital marketing journey with Cheshire’s top rated sales funnel agency and social media management company. Book your free brainstorming and discovery session below.

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