If you are trying to get clients as a coach or consultant, you cannot get results with basic lead generation methods. The good news is that we have just developed our high ticket sales funnel system that will not only get you leads, but also build relationships. Below you will find out more about what our marketing funnel development packages include and how we can help you take your coaching and consulting business to the next level.

Marketing Funnels for Coaches and Consultants

If you have tried telemarketing, networking, leaflets, and other forms of advertising, just to face burnt out leads or no response, it is time to implement a new system. We, at LMNts Marketing have worked with loads of coaches and consultants to help them fill their sales pipeline through meaningful messages. We focus on your USP: what makes you unique as a business, personal, life, or holistic coach. We understand the challenges of your industry; there are so many coaches out there, and the industry has a bad reputation. We will work alongside you to identify which messages your ideal clients will respond to and how you can best utilise relationships with business owners or individuals. We also know that your potential clients will think twice (or even more) to trust you with their personal or professional development.

The Difference Between Lead Generation and High Ticket Sales Funnels

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The more you charge for your services, the more trust you will need to build with your potential clients, and that is why most of the lead generation methods suck for coaches and consultants. You can’t expect a girl to marry you after buying them the first drink. The same applies to lead generation for coaches and consultants. You will need to get to know each other, and the other party needs to be confident that what you offer is exactly what they are looking for. At LMNts Marketing, we call this the “Like Me Moment” (TM) and we know exactly how to create this.

Why Trust a Marketing Funnels Agency

If you have already worked with a digital agency or a signed up for affordable social media management packages, you will know that doing one thing alone is not going to get you the expected results. You need to be persistent, make sure that you have a clear and consistent message, and communicate it through various channels. At LMNts Marketing, we don’t only manage your Facebook ads and provide social media marketing packages for coaches and consultants, but we also manage your newsletters, email marketing, chat bots, and help you identify your ideal clients. This is the most challenging step you will have to take in your business to develop an effective marketing strategy, and most of our coaching and consulting industry clients struggle until they come to us. We provide a full service sales funnel agency experience for business and personal coaches.

How To Get Qualified Leads In Your Coaching and Consulting Funnel

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Qualifying your leads is a missing step that most digital marketing agencies don’t pay enough attention to. As a coach or consultant, you might be charging high ticket prices for your time, so you don’t want to waste it on those who are not serious enough about their transformation. We have an effective lead qualification system built in our internet marketing funnel system that will make sure you qualify your leads and prospects before you would give up your valuable time. So you get better conversions and can work with people who are committed to their personal or business transformation plan.

What Is the Return on Investment When It Comes To Coaching and Consulting Marketing Funnels

When we work with coaches and consultants and build their marketing sales funnels, we always complete their marketing SWOT, so we can find out what is working and what they need to improve. We have had a few clients who wanted to fill their seminars and webinars, but they ended up spending more on Facebook ads than what they made. Of course, in your business, you always have to take into consideration the long term revenue per client, but if you keep on spending more than you make, there is no point building a sales funnel. When we develop an internet marketing funnel system, we always set it up in a way that you can track the conversions at every stage, so we don’t have to redesign your pipleline, only improve it.

Are you a business coach or consultant, a life or holistic coach looking to get more return on your marketing investment? Book a free consultation to find out how we can help take your business to the next level. Alternatively, check out our latest Coaching And Consulting Marketing Funnel Development Packages


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