I talk a lot about finding your ideal client, but what about the people you don’t really want to work with? If you have been in business for a while, I am sure that there are a few people you would rather not have as a customer. To maximise your sales funnels conversions and improve your return on investment, you might want to create a negative ideal client sheet. Below you will find out why.

Stop Wasting Your Time On The Wrong Clients

One of the most important reasons why you should create a negative ideal client sheet is that you can avoid wasting your time. Do you remember chasing after a lead that looked serious, and suddenly dropped out of your sales funnel, without explanation? Chances are that they were not your ideal clients, even though you might have thought they were in the beginning. They simply didn’t have a strong enough buying intent to follow through. If you know who they are, you can avoid them next time.

Create a Profitability Analysis for Every Buyer Persona

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It is also important that you turn a profit and make enough money working for yourself. You should always set yourself a target earning rate, so you can value yourself, and make your customers value you. If you offer services, or are a business coach, you might be getting queries through on social media, follow them up, sit down with the potential client, and then:NOTHING. Or you could spend hours negotiating contracts and earning just a few hundred dollars. Is it really worth it? Chances are that it is not. Add up your travel time, your softare cost, and every minute you spend on acquiring the customer, and find out if it was worth it.

Revisit Your Ideal Client Sheet Regularly

As your business grows, you will also have to focus on finding new opportunities and improving your sales funnels. This means that you will find new buyer personas who are a perfect fit, and you should revisit your ideal client sheet. Add the information you gathered about your target market and your competition every couple of months.

Work with People Who See Your Value

If you want to get positive feedback and improve your reputation, you will need to choose who you work with. If your prospects are starting to question your price in the beginning, this should be a red flag. You will need to learn to and  communicate your value through case studies and personal stories.

Manage Your Reputation, Social Media Marketing, and Sales Funnel Conversions

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Once you have created your buyer persona and the negative buyer persona exercises, you will have a clearer idea of who you are talking to on social media and your website, and who you would like to reach in the future. Go through your past messages, blog posts, videos, and social media marketing messages and check whether or not you were barking up the wrong tree. There is no point creating a digital marketing strategy and building a sales funnel if nobody is listening.

Having clarity in your business is one of the most important things to grow and develop your marketing. If you can identify the people you want to work with, and those you can probably not help in an effective and profitable way, you can improve the conversion rates of your sales funnels and develop a content strategy that gets results.

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