If you have been trying everything under the sun to get your brand noticed online, you can appear desperate. You will need to avoid making mistakes that can damage your brand value and reputation. As an online marketing expert, working with small business owners, I have seen plenty of examples how you can make your marketing campaigns work against you. Below you will read about some of my digital marketing pet hates. Do you share any of them? Leave a reply below.

Lack of Call to Action

You might have paid a web designer to create your site, but if they didn’t make an effort to understand your brand and your market, you might have a useless website. Every sales funnel needs to be designed with the outcome in mind. Do you want your visitors to sign up for your blog updates, your newsletter, like your social media pages, download something, or make a purchase? If you don’t tell them what you want them to do, chances are that they will not do it.

Landing Pages that Don’t Inform or Engage

It is also crucial that you pay attention to the design of your landing page. It needs to engage and create curiosity in your market, or you will face high bounce rates and low conversions. Don’t be afraid of using controversial statements, publishing shocking statistics, to grab the attention of your audience.


The lack of creativity when it comes to creating content is also a pet hate of mine. You need to create consistent brand messages, however, this doesn’t mean that you have to be on about the same thing in every blog post. Research question and answer sites, such as Quora and social media groups to find a topic your audience might be interested in.

Asking for Likes

only generic likes will get you results

If you are a member of any small business group, you might have come come across posts that are asking for likes and shares. If this is genuine and you really think that your friends and followers could benefit from reading about the business, that’s fine. However, non-generic likes will do more harm to your brand and SEO ranking than good. Avoid asking for and offering likes, unless you believe that you can back the site or page and share the same values.

Buying Likes and Followers

One of my customers ordered a logo about a year ago, and had a couple of hundred “likes” thrown in as a bonus by the seller. I have to confess that it took me a couple of hours to remove all the people from his Facebook page who were all from countries tens of thousands of miles from his business location. Not to mention that the majority of accounts were not even real.


There is a huge difference between promoting your business and flooding groups and websites with your links. The general rule is that you should help out and engage with people before you post your links and offers. If you spam groups and post the same thing over and over again, chances are that you will get banned eventually and build yourself a bad reputation online. If you are keeping people in the dark like the person above and look like a scammer without publishing data and facts, nobody will take you seriously. Blatant self promotion can damage your brand.

Non Responsive Websites

Another pet hate I come across often is the fact that some web designers believe that they can sell cheap and outdated templates for big bucks. If your fonts or templates are not working on mobile screens, you will lose up to 50 percent of your traffic and have a huge bounce rate. Further, people visiting your site will think that you are unprofessional, as your page doesn’t load on tablets and phones.

Not Answering the Question: “What Is In It For Me?”

The most common mistake I come across when working on clients’ marketing funnels is that they publish an article on the landing page and forget to answer their visitors’ question straight: “what is in it for me?”. If you can’t convince your potential customers that your site can provide them with the solutions to their most urgent problems, they will turn back very fast.

Nobody is born to understand digital marketing and sales funnels. If you need help with avoiding the most common mistakes of UK small businesses and would like to benefit from one-on-one coaching or personalised services, get in touch to arrange your free consultation. We have worked with dozens of small business owners; from digital marketing coaches to property developers and salespeople to increase their conversions and reduce their marketing budget.

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