I am hoping that all of you are closing the year on a positive note. For me, this is usually the time for reflection and planning, and to do that I first have to take a step back. Go ahead, spend some time with your family, turn off the screens, binge watch your favourite series, or simply take a weekend break. You will return to your business with a fresh set of eyes, and start planning ahead. Below I would like to share with you the questions I usually ask my coaching clients about their marketing toward the end of the year.

List Things that Are Working Well In Your Digital Marketing

Once you have taken a step back, it might be a good idea to start looking back at the last year. Which elements of your sales funnel are working well? What is generating the most conversions? Could you improve your marketing funnels in 2019 in a way that you get more leads and more conversions?

List the Things That Need Improvement

Next, you will need to look at your current marketing realistically. Are you doing things the old fashioned way? Are you using cookie-cutter options in your digital marketing? If the answer is yet, you will have to create more tailored solutions and tweak your online marketing for better results.

Create a “Ditch List”: Things You Should Stop Doing in 2019

I usually ask my clients to think about things that take up a lot of their time and don’t generate results, despite trying to approach the problem in different ways. You can think about a membership that is not giving you the benefits you expected it to, spending too much time posting on social media, or procrastination. By the way, next year look out for our social media management packages that will save you a lot of time and effort and give you measurements and all the metrics you need to make it online.

Create a SWOT Analysis for Your Digital Marketing

I have created hundreds of white papers and business analytic reports in the past few years, and fell in love with SWOT analysis. You can apply the same matrix to your small business digital marketing, and identify new avenues, threats, opportunities, while assessing your strengths and weaknesses.

All that’s left to say is that I hope that you will have a successful new year and a peaceful Christmas. I will be back in the new year with some exciting new offers and resources.

If you would like to get even more clarity out of your digital marketing, download our latest cheat sheet below.

Christmas greetings digital marketing cheat sheet


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