It’s been a busy week for Lola’s Sales Funnels and the self-proclaimed queen of marketing funnels. We have met clients in Cheshire, discussed their current and past marketing and business models, and have provided them with free tips and tools. I am happy to say that we are getting busy, as people do actually realise the value in being listened to, and the fact that the service is tailored to their needs. Below you will find a few examples of how we have helped clients build or improve their sales funnels.

Coaching Business

We have consulted with one of the coaching businesses in Chester, trying to help them make sense of monetising their business. They were on the right path, however, they failed to answer the questions people had when they landed on their site. There was simply too much text on the main page, and they were not brave enough to put the most controversial brand message on the landing page, they were losing visitors. As a part of our sales funnel coaching service, we have created an action plan, and they are now able to capture visitors’ attention. We are creating an entry level and low-ticket item for lead generation at the moment.

Loan Company

Networking is not only good for your confidence, but also helps you understand your customers and prospective clients better. We had a quick chat at a networking event with a business owner who provides loan solutions as an intermediary. Their main problem was that they get people to connect them when they realise that they have a problem and don’t take action after, or they get back to them when it is already too late. We advised them to change their call-to-action to include a “sense of urgency” and explain the process and the timeline, as well as the importance of dealing with the issue better. We are looking forward to hearing back from them next time we meet.

Drain Cleaning

This company has been a long term customer of ours, and they are simply too busy to figure out how to develop their own sales funnel and get more business. We had about an hour’s chat and figured out that they were simply trying the wrong methods. They spent hundreds on radio ads that didn’t get them any leads, and they paid a famous internet marketing company (beginning with Y) a small fortune for a non-functional website. We are now working on their new site that will focus on getting people to take action, and will implement some PR in their sales funnel to make their less-than-appealing business sexy, by featuring their community and charity work.

Business Opportunity

I met another business owner who has an innovative solution for local marketing. He is looking to expand the coverage by recruiting independent distributors. He has been paying franchise opportunity websites hundreds of pounds for advertising with little results. We are now working on their new business opportunity site and are looking to publish their branding videos on multiple channels. They also have another site they wanted us to do, but it is being managed by someone else, so we told them to wait. However, after checking the SEO statistics, we found out that the website is not readable on mobile devices, in other words, they are losing 50 percent of the potential traffic. This is why you need to make sure you check the credentials of your web designer before you pay them.


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Hypnotherapy business sales funnel 
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We also had a quick chat with the owner of a startup hypnotherapy business. He is doing fine, and his main challenge is that he can’t really publish testimonials with full names or collect Facebook ratings, due to the confidential nature of his business. We offered a couple of potential solutions, and also told them to focus on the end results instead of trying to explain the process. After all, every customer will ask “what is in it for me” before they make a buying decision.

We are looking forward to updating you on the progress of our sales funnel developments in the future. As the above examples show, every marketing funnel should be based around the specific needs of the business, instead of one promotion channel or method.

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