A couple of years ago I was working with a local shop owner on his website. He ordered a logo online, and told me that he got a bonus 500 Facebook Likes. He thought it was good news. In fact, he soon realised that it was not. All the followers added to his account were from a different continent, hundreds of thousands of miles from his shop. I spent a couple of weeks removing them. Find out why below. 

Bad for Search Engine Rankings

You might have heard from some self-proclaimed guru that the more social media followers you have the higher your site will rank. This is not true in this form. In fact, search engines are increasingly focusing on engagement, which includes genuine shares and comments as well as the number of likes and followers. Therefore, if you have millions of people following you, but none of them comments on your posts or shares your content, search engines will become suspcious. 

Unnatural Growth

Another way fake followers can hurt your website and your rankings is the fact that they are all added to your account within a short period of time. Google is smart, and this means that they will figure out that you had a couple of dozen followers for a good year, and then in the next two weeks you gain thousands. They will think this is odd, and you might get penalised for buying social media likes and followers. 

No Real Engagement

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Social media marketing and sales funnels 
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If you have loads of followers and likes from let’s say India or Nigeria, you will have little or no way of getting your promotion messages across to them. Even if you get local followers, they will not be genuinely interested in what you have to offer, or have any intention to buy from you. This means you will not make money at all, and have the wrong demographics added to you social media pages.

The Case for Tainted Love

Fake accounts are used for commercial purposes only, and there are simply no activities or friends on the profiles. Not to mention that you have no chance of controlling what else these people like and follow. Just like you used to be penalised by search engines a while back for bad neighbors, such as gambling and porn sites, you might also ruin your rankings if your pages are not relevant to what else these accounts follow and like.

It’s Not About Numbers: It Should Be About Conversions

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Social media marketing strategy 
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At the end of the day, you create a social media strategy to increase your conversions and improve your rankings. If you focus too much on the numbers at the beginning of the sales funnel, you will forget about the desired outcome; sales. How likely are you to sell to fake people: none. This is why you should design your sales funnel in a way that it attracts people who are most likely to be interested in what you are selling.

There are several alternatives to buying social media followers that will get you better results. It might be a good idea to have a closer look at your marketing funnel and find a way to identify your ideal customer before creating your brand messages. Get in  touch for a free brainstorming session and see how we can help.

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