Are You a Local Business Owner in Cheshire, Too Busy to

Figure Out Lead Generation? 


What if you could come up with a custom-made plan to get you more visitors and customers using online marketing channels? What if you didn’t have to employ expensive agencies and take out SEO packages that take you nowhere? Laura’s Sales funnels works in a way that the entire system is tailored to your company’s needs.

What Makes Local Business Marketing Solutions Different?

Instead of offering business owners a solution on the “one size fits all” basis, we want to learn more about your goals, customers, offer, and unique selling points. We will create a campaign that will talk to your target market. This is why we have successfully helped companies around the country; from gardening services to moving companies, and therapists.

How Can You Get Me More Customers?

First of all, we need to understand your business. Second, we will make recommendations based on the initial meeting. You can set up a no obligation consultation when we listen, take notes, and get back to you with a plan. Based on your goals and market, we will create an online marketing sales funnel that will turn website and social media visitors into customers, and first time buyers into returning ones.

How Much Do You Charge for Local Business Promotion?

You will not be offered packages that you cannot benefit from, and we charge you much less than large traditional online marketing agencies. We do not use computers to make decisions about your local online marketing solutions, but work with you. You can get your internet marketing package for £150/month.

Do You Design Websites?

We are experts in web design, however, we do not try to convince you that all you need is a website and you will get customers online. We can create a stunning, mobile-friendly, responsive website and work on social media marketing integration to get you more visitors and customer engagement. You can see some of our recent work on our website, but we want you to have a unique web design that shows off your strengths and offers.

How do I Find Out More?

You can book your free consultation with us and we will explain how we work, and how we can help you with your marketing funnel automation. If you do not live in the Wirral or Cheshire, we can set up an online meeting through Skype or Zoom and give you free advice.

Once we have completed our evaluation, we come back with a plan and agree on a detailed plan to suit the needs of your business. Our online marketing Cheshire service from LMNts Marketing is available for startups, new, and established small and medium sized businesses, and larger companies looking for tailor-made, personalised local business marketing solutions.

Get in touch below and book your consultation today to find out how we can help you get more customers online.

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