If you’re trying to stand out with your digital marketing, a cookie-cutter approach won’t get your business anywhere. That’s because all businesses are unique — they each face their own challenges, target specific niches, and bring different value-adds.

That’s why LMNts Marketing believes in cultivating personalized sales funnels that bring effective and sustainable growth for your business. 

For over 8 years, our mission has been to level the digital marketing playing field for small- and medium-sized businesses in the UK. We follow a flexible, proven methodology to help business owners not only gain leads, but also really understand the foundations of digital marketing.





One of our long-term clients is a Cheshire-based PC repair company. Because they had an outdated website, they were struggling to establish an online presence and get people in the door for their services. They needed a cost-effective advertising strategy that could bolster their brand awareness and attract more customers.

So, we got to work! 

First, we met with their team to discuss their business challenges and explore different digital marketing tactics we could use. 

Of course, we knew we had to start with their website to ensure it was up to date. We made sure that the new site would appear easily in Google search pages and added a blog to help with search engine optimisation (SEO).

From there, it was all about setting up their Facebook page to run ads and then pushing out compelling content. This meant creating Facebook videos, putting together Facebook updates, and writing blog articles. 

Clutch Review LMNTs Marketing

The result? We managed to grow a robust Facebook follower base from the ground up that drove more potential customers into the sales funnel. By targeting mostly organic traffic, we were able to stick to a reasonable marketing budget, too.


Thanks to our strong performance, they’ve kept us on retainer to continue managing their blog content and Facebook account. We deliver monthly reports to keep them in the loop on social performance, and we make sure that all of our processes are easy to understand.


Our client was so happy with us that they left us our first review (and 5-stars to boot!) on Clutch, a B2B platform that connects buyers with service providers. 

You can explore our previous projects on our Clutch profile or find us on their sister sites: The Manifest is a go-to business guide for companies, and Visual Objects allows you to grow your online presence by uploading your creative portfolio.Have any questions about our services? Reach out to us to see how LMNts Marketing can help your company through social media sales funnels and other bespoke digital marketing approaches.

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