Marketing requires investment, which means business owners who fail to do it effectively are wasting their money. Deciding where and how to spend marketing dollars is tricky. The social media landscape is constantly changing, websites are intensive to develop, plus, companies must also consider blogs or newsletters. The odds are, it isn’t one of those platforms that will drive results, it is a strategic combination of multiple.

LMNts Marketing has worked in all of these spaces and understands what it takes for a digital marketing plan to drive results. We offer social media marketing, sales function development and management, content packages and more. After working with us, our clients are seeing an average 740% social media growth after 30 days, 100% customer retention after six months and 269% average conversion growth. 

Those results speak for themselves, but our clients sing our praises, too. We have been working with a digital marketing agency to provide copywriting services that attract clients to their website and landing pages. Our client gave us a perfect 5-star review on Clutch, a ratings and review website, across quality, schedule, cost and willingness to refer.

“The website’s copy has improved in readability and clean design, leading to more appointments and website views. LMNts Marketing’s team demonstrates expertise and dedication, offering insights along with clean copy. They lead a smooth workflow thanks to frequent updates and revision rounds.” – Owner and Founder, Digital Marketing Agency.

We received another 5-star review for work we did with a SAP consulting firm. We built our client a website complete with infographics and case studies, focused on establishing a LinkedIn sales funnel. And they’ve already seen results.

“LMNts Marketing has managed to increase the business’s LinkedIn connections by 25% within the first few weeks. That’s helped drive a consistent stream of search traffic to the site. Above all, the team takes a unique approach to address client needs, giving marketing updates in a digestible format.” – CEO, SAP Consulting Firm.

You can also check us out on The Manifest, the partner website of Clutch, which features how-to articles, state of business news and agency shortlists. The Manifest helps you find the best match for your project and brush up on skills any business should have. We’re listed on The Manifest as one of the top 20+ branding agencies in the United Kingdom. 

Head over to our website to learn more about our services, check out our portfolio or contact us today. You can reach us by phone or email at the information listed on our homepage!

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