If you are looking to see how we work with our clients, you will love the latest sales funnel maps we have drawn based on the initial consultations. We like working close with our customers, as – at the end of the day – it is about their marketing goals. As we usually say; it is about what you would like to achieve, instead of what we are trying to sell you. Below you will find a few examples of funnels we designed for our customers.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Included

Most of the digital marketing agencies you would be speaking to about funnel development will tell you that they will build the pages and the infrastructure, but you will have to spend extra on social media marketing. We see this a big problem, as many of our clients simply get confused by the different types of costs that build up and start worrying. When we build sales funnels, we include the initial marketing and social media management, to make the packages more affordable. After all, an empty funnel is worthless for the client.

Small Business Marketing Advice Included

At the initial onboarding consultation, we will talk to the client and come up with a couple of plans. We will guide them through the chosen social media funnel template and show them how the system would work. It is hard to explain this on the phone or a video call, and most of our customers are in a different city, even country. Here is an example of a marketing funnel map we created.

sales funnel template

In this template, we have created multiple social media channels as well as using the existing list to drive traffic to a landing page we created and get the conversions to the webinar and get people to engage with the mailing list.

Social Media Funnel Template

Of course, there are other templates we use, as well, which are much more complicated, and more suitable for the client’s needs. If you have multiple products, you can offer a free download, a low ticket item, then an upsell and a done-for-you service that will get the cash in. After all, there is no point building a marketing funnel if you are not getting a good return on investment.

Below is an example of a different, more complicated marketing funnel.

coaching and consulting sales funnel

Coaching Clients Get Full Service Funnels

When people trust LMNts Marketing with their sales funnel development project, we do everything: the market research, testing their existing site, updating their search engine optimisation settings, and even getting more engagement on their social media and blog posts. We build links, create content, and help them find their superpower to create an irresistible offer that will lead to conversions.

What We Offer as a Full Service Sales Funnel Agency

There’s so much to offer for clients, and we understand that people want to have one person to talk to instead of being passed on from one freelancer and specialist to the next. That is why we utilise Trello boards and make sure that everyone has the client brand and brief, so we can all drive in the same direction as the client. We will not only coach the clients, but also help them improve the conversion rates of their existing site, make it more user-friendly or discover new hashtags for their social media.

Questions To Ask your Funnel Agency

Before you engage with an affordable social media marketing funnel agency, it is important that you ask what the additional costs are. We don’t charge clients for the first month of the service, so they can see how easy it is to work with us. However, once they can see results, they are all happy to sign a monthly contract with us. If the sales funnel agency charges you extra for website updates, they might cost you more long term. Ask them for reviews and samples just to be safe.

How Our Sales Funnels Agency Works

We never just work with anyone. In my opinion, there are two different types of business coaches and consultants: the ones that sell hope and the ones that sell results. If we don’t think that you have a strong enough USP and value, we will not even bother signing you up. That is why we like finding out more about our potential clients before we come up with a proposal or solution. We expect you to be responsive and help us out figuring out “what is your superpower”.

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