You have been told a million times that every small business, especially if it is home based, needs a website. However, you invested the time or money into developing it, and you didn’t get anything back. Not a cent, a penny, nada. You think that it was a mistake to hire a web designer and listen to them, but you simply don’t know where you went wrong. I have met many frustrated small business owners like you before, and I’m telling you that your website is simply floating in empty space instead of doing what it is supposed to do. Below you will find a few signs that you need a sales funnel instead of a standard website.

You Get No Traffic

marketing funnels for small businesses 
If you have set up your site but are getting no traffic, it is important that you check whether or not your site is indexed. You will need a sitemap submitted to the main search engines, so you can get found by your potential clients. There are several reasons why your website might not have visitors; missing meta tags and titles, descriptions, lack of relevant keywords, or lack of engagement on social media. If you would like to improve the visibility of your website, we have some retargeting and monthly packages available to help you achieve your goals.

You Have Visitors But No Conversions

In some cases, you will get traffic to your site, but nobody will buy from you. Chances are that your offers are not strong enough, and you don’t have a sales funnel or strong enough sales page that will get people excited about what you are doing and offering. If you can’t get the message across in the first few seconds, people landing on your pages will turn back, and you will not be able to add them to your sales funnel. On the other hand, if you have a high bounce rate (percentage of people turning back after clicking on your link) your search engine position will be automatically lower.

You Don’t Communicate What You Want Your Visitors To Do

It is important that you put your offer, mission and vision statement, as well as your product’s benefits in front of your visitors as soon as possible. If it is not clear how they can enquire, get in touch, or order, it is likely that they will leave without doing so. When designing your website, you will have to make sure that your contact and subscription forms are clearly visible on all sites. You will also need a strong “about” page, as well as testimonials or a portfolio to provide social proof for your visitors and prospects.

You Have No Means of Staying In Touch

marketing funnels for small businesses
If you don’t have an effective custom sales funnel, you will lose your visitors and prospects as soon as they leave your site. To prevent this, you can create an entry point, such as giving away free information or even a product, offering a podcast subscription, or getting people to sign up for your social media pages. This will create a few touch points where you can reach out and market to your potential clients.

You Lack Social Proof and Brand Messages

One of the reasons why websites don’t convert is that the brand image behind the site is not strong enough. You need to focus on building an audience outside of your website, too, such as social media sites and networking pages. If you can get feedback and reviews on different sites, you will have the social proof needed to gain the trust of your prospects and get them to sign up for your free trial, social media updates, or even order from you. Getting people on your sales funnel is not an easy task. If you have a website that is floating in empty space, and is not connected with your target market, you will never make a sale. It is important that you connect with your audience on a personal level through consistent marketing and brand messages. If you need help with designing your sales funnels, get in touch for a free consultation.
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