We hear it all the time from our clients. They spend a lot of time and money on developing a sales funnel and conversion system, just to find out that:

  • there are hidden costs
  • the infrastructure is not working
  • they have no way of measuring the return on their digital marketing investment
  • they have no control over what is being posted and who the marketer targets.

Most Digital Marketing Agencies are Cocky

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The majority of digital marketing agencies will tell you that they are experts and they don’t need your input. This should be a warning sign. You want your messages to reflect your brand and your digital marketing goals.

We Don’t Enrol a Client without Getting to Know Their Niche and Digital Marketing Challenges

Most digital marketing companies will tell you that they know everything about your market and they are experts in your industry, just to get you as a customer. We believe in putting in the hard work first, as this will lead to long term understanding and relationships. While we offer a consultation for customers, and you can sign up for our packages online, most people prefer to sit down with us in our Frodsham office and tell us about their problems and challenges. This allows us to create a winning digital marketing strategy and sales funnel. While most of our customers are located in the UK we also work with international businesses and US companies. Thanks to the great technology offered by video conferencing software, we can simply show them what we are doing and how we are working on their accounts. We also use Google Sheets to send over our social media plan for approval.

There’s No “One Funnel Fits All” Solution

There are tons of sales funnel service out there, but most of our customers simply sign up for an account and cannot figure out what to do within the trial period. That is when they realise that they need help. Most of them are busy building a business, and have no time to figure out themselves how to build a funnel. Information overload is another issue our customers are suffering from. We make it easy for them to understand where their next customers are coming from  by professionally mapping the funnel and designing every step with their values and goals in mind.

We Don’t Use Cheap Templates: We Brainstorm Sales Funnels with Our Clients

You can build a funnel cheap on social media or even sign up for a service, but – at the end of the day – results speak louder than design. Your business might not fit any of the funnel templates available. We design every simple sales funnel for our customers for them to keep. We don’t take them offline once the client stops paying for them. That is what makes our service unique and easy to understand and scale. Some clients will want people to call them immediately. This is the case for emergency plumbers, for example. Coaches and consultants, however, have to invest more time and energy in relationship building to gain the trust of potential customers.

Digital Marketing Is More than Lead Magnets

It is not the number of leads you generate that matters; it is the quality of them and the conversion rates. This is where sales funnels come handy. You will need to qualify your leads before you waste your time or energy on them. If they are serious enough to answer a few questions, go through a free video, or to sign up for some of the updates on your site, chances are that they are serious enough to take the next step. You have to warm up your leads, and that is exactly what sales funnels do for you on an autopilot.

Every Visitor Lost without Being Captured Is a Waste of Advertising Money

It is important to note that traffic is not the solution to your marketing problem alone. You will need to capture the leads and follow them up. Doing it manually can be a challenge; I have been guilty of letting leads go because “I had no time” before. If you are too busy building your business, you will need to ensure that a marketing funnel does the hard work for you. Capturing leads and not building a relationship with them is another mistake I see people make. You cannot just expect them to figure out what the next step is or do their research. Digital marketing campaigns can answer the questions your potential clients have before they would think about asking them. Good content can drive customers down the sales funnel.

We Consult with Marketing Agencies to Create a Holistic Digital Strategy and Build the Best Funnel for Their Clients

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One side of our business is sales funnel consultation. We mainly work with coaches and consultants, as they are the most coachable bunch out there! Also, it is important that they are a co-creator of their digital marketing campaign. We help them identify their USP and their angle and work with them on an individual basis, so we can create results together. However, we are also working with other marketing companies hat lack the skills or resources to build social media campaigns and sales funnels. We collaborate to create a holistic digital marketing strategy that gets results and benefits the client. If you are a marketing consultant, get in touch to arrange a quick overview session.

Just a few courses we have taken in the past 12 months:

  • Funnel Bootcamp
  • Cickfunnels Training
  • Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp
  • Marketing with Anik Premium
  • Free Traffic Bootcamp
  • Copywriting Bootcamp
  • Creating a Customer Avatar

We are happy to set up a meeting to discuss your digital marketing and sales funnel lead generation plans. Get in touch and we will get back to you.


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