When it comes to marketing a business, not many people consider Twitter as a successful and easy to navigate platform. In fact, for a while, Twitter has been the black horse of social media platforms. Its reputation went up and down. It is also easy to automate, so many brands simply can’t see engagement. As with every social media platform, you will need to figure out what is working and what is not. Below you will find a few tips on how to make the most out of your social media marketing through Twitter.

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What Type of Conent Twitter Likes

Twitter loves content that has the potential to go viral. Self promotion might not be something that you want to overdo on the platform. You will need to start by following the popular hashtags and finding a way to engage with influencers. You can find the most popular posts in your niche, so you can make the most out of your potential reach. Videos can do well on Twitter, and the longer they are the better they will perform. Don’t forget to add subtitles and a catchy title, though.

Curated Content and Twitter

Just like with LinkedIn, your main purpose with Twitter marketing should be to help your followers out. It is impossible to create engaging and useful content every day, so you will need to turn to curated content. Our social media marketing packages offer this option, so you can stop repeating yourself and provide value, even if it is not your site you are sending your visitors to. Your content can go viral if you know exactly what your Twitter followers are going to react to and share.

The Use of Humor

When it comes to Twitter, you have a very short time to stop people scrolling. Doing something funny or using humour will definitely help you get more engagement. If you are in the IT industry, you can talk about the latest inventions, initiatives. If you would like to shock your audience, you can post an image or footage of AI working. Most importantly, you will need to express your personality, even if you are doing business to business social media marketing.

Twitter Stories: The Magic Bullet of Twitter Marketing

Just like Facebook stories an lives, Twitter Moments will help you get more engagement and show your personality.

If you would like your posts to be more engaging, you can add them to your Moments. Make sure they are newsworthy, and are adding value to your audience. You can also upload a new image. Add a cover, and use a live video if you would like to show that you are the real deal.

The Importance of Human Interaction

While all social media platforms can be automated, I recommend that you engage with your audience personally. Retweet the posts you find useful, comment on popular posts, and identify your best type of content.

Look at the new twitter layout and fiid the trends on the right hand side. Check if you are subscribed to the right hashtags and comment, share, and add value.

On Twitter, you only have a couple of minutes to get people to engage wiht your content. Knowing when to post is hard if you don’t measure your results. Check out our social media management packages to find out how to manage your content.


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