If you are familiar with sales funnels, you might know that there are four main stages that lead to the conversion: Awareness, Interest, Demand, and Action. If you think logically, when the top of your sales funnel is blocked, you will not be able to take people through the entire funnel. Many small and medium sized business owners we meet struggle with generating qualified leads, and therefore their social media sales funnels don’t work. Below you will find out what you can do and which mistakes to avoid when you are choosing¬†your local marketing experts and engaging with a sales funnel agency.

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Creating Awareness Using a Startup Marketing Funnel

No matter how good your product or service is, nobody will buy from you if they don’t know that it exists. That is whyn you need to focus on the awareness aspect of the digital marketing sales funnel first. That means that you should never start with a paid advertising campaign leading people straight to your sales pages. Instead, focus on establishing yourself in the marketplace as an authority, help people out, provide value, and let them know about the solutions you are offering.

The Challenges of Online Marketing Funnels

If you are working with local marketing experts, they will recommend creating a Facebook ad campaign that will lead people to your products page, and forget about one of the most important elements of sales funnels; engagement. If you don’t create an emotional connection with your market and get your audience to trust you, there is no way they will get on your sales funnel. You will have to offer value in exchange for their permission to market to them.

How to Design the Entrance of Your Startup Sales Funnel

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You will need to complete the market research and find out what your market is looking for, and what their most urgent problems are. This will help you create digital marketing messages that speak directly to them. If you have recently launched a new product or service, maybe created a package, it might be a good idea to complete an ideal client sheet you can download for free from our site, and identify the market segment that is most likely to buy from you.

Next, you have to ask yourself what this ideal customer might find valuable and helpful, so you can gain their trust. There are plenty of ways of doing this, but our sales funnel development packages offer this service. If you are not targeting the right market, you will never be able to add people to your sales funnels.

How to Unblock the Entrance of Your Sales Funnel

  • Build credibility by adding videos, testimonials, and building trust
  • Create social proof
  • Help people out to create reciprocity
  • Engage with your audience
  • Create a download, free course, or video that your market will find valuable
  • Answer the Why and not the What
  • Craft smart Call – to -action messages

If you would like to find out why your sales funnel is blocked, and would like to book a free digital marketing overview, book a free call or in-person consultation and find out how we can help you get more leads to your business.

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