If you have been searching for an online marketing method for your small business that is cheap and effective, you might have come across suggestions that Facebook can get you customers. Business owners often believe that Facebook is not effective, as it is only designed to stay in touch with friends and family members, and business ads don’t have anything to do on the site. Still, you might have seen targeted ads appearing in your news feed every now and then that made you think; would it work for me? Find your answers below.

Microtargeting Ability

One of the things small business owners like about Facebook ads is that it allows them to choose an audience. Unlike when posting an ad in a local newspaper, you can determine your ideal customer and show your ad only to them; for example, if you are a computer repair company, you might want to find customers who use computers and laptops for work, and are worried about internet security, or Apple users in particular in your geographic area.


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Today, the majority of people will ask for recommendations instead of reaching for the Yellow Pages. While business directories are good for getting visitors, you can get people to recommend your business. By creating a business page on Facebook, you will create a social media presence, and your customers will connect with you. Once they have liked your page, they can tag you in posts and comments, leave reviews, or even request a quote.

Social Proof

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The more places your small local business can be found the more legitimate it will look. Having a professional website is no longer enough. You need social proof, and this means people need to have the opportunity to vote for your brand and company. Creating a social media account and joining groups is a surefire and free way of getting your small business noticed in your local community.

More Meaningful Connections

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Social media is emotional. If you are opening a new business or moving to a new location, you will have to keep your eyes on your target customer and find out what they are expecting from you, and which of their needs are not currently being served by other companies. You can use Facebook to create and communicate your unique selling proposition, and that is why an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses are using Facebook  for advertising.

Facebook Branding Campaigns

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Even if you don’t want to pay for an ongoing online marketing campaign on Facebook, you can add boosted posts to your existing sales funnels, so you are able to create a strong message and awareness of your business. Branding on Facebook is important, as people are constantly searching for reliable sources of information. However, you should always create a distinctive image about your business, so you can be remembered and easily recalled.

What Type of Content Performs Best on Facebook

It is said that your Facebook content needs to be short and entertaining to get likes, clicks, and contact requests. Short branding videos can perform extremely well, but you can also use animated infographics, provided that they are engaging and answer an urgent problem your customers might have. Images are a must when it comes to Facebook advertising, but make sure that you don’t overdo it.


Just like with articles and blog posts, your headlines matter more than anything. Don’t just post a blog link; edit it to make it more interesting and exciting, so people click to find out more.

Facebook Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

  • Posting too often.

Your audience will be fed up with you if you keep on posting about the same topics


  • Not combining different media.


It is important to find the right balance of images, animation, quotes, blog links, and videos.

  • Being too promotional.

You should remember why people visit Facebook; to have an informal chat and get entertained. If you are on about your sales all the time, you are not providing value.


  • Copying others.


It is important that you create a distinctive brand voice so you can engage with your audience on a personal level and create meaningful relationships with your target customers.


Facebook advertising can be a great addition to your sales funnel, and help you build your brand and reputation. Facebook advertising can work for any small business, provided that you create a consistent brand message and get your targeting right. If you need help with setting up your Facebook marketing campaign, get in touch below.

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