If you are just about to create a sales funnel for your business, it might be time to create conversion targets and make sure that you are encouraging interaction at every touch point. One of the most effective methods of converting website visitors into customers is creating a conversion funnel. Below you will find a few examples of how to implement these in your business.

How to Create a Sales-focused Website

Many small business owners in the UK only focus on one part of the conversion or sales funnel. They don’t manage to monetise their blog or website and turn their visitors into customers. This is where AIDA comes in. AIDA is not only an opera, but also an abbreviation in online marketing that describes the conversion. First, you will have to create awareness of your brand, then interest. Next you will have to make your visitors desire what you have to offer, and finally you can encourage them to take action. If your website only goes as far as creating awareness, you will need small business marketing funnels.

Where Conversion Happens

conversion funnel
UK business sales funnel explained
It is important that you know not everyone is landing on your site with the intent to buy right now.  If they do, you are lucky. However,  conversion can happen at any part of your sales funnel, and this means that the more customer touch points you have the better chance you will have to get people to buy from you. Below you will find a few examples of conversion you can try to implement in your sales funnel.
  • On your landing page: people find an irresistible offer that matches what they need and order
  • In newsletters: you might send out special offers or discounts to your subscribers and they will take action
  • On social media: once people have been following your site and pages and are convinced that you offer the solutions they need, they will contact you to complete the purchase
  • Upsells: if you implement a free giveaway product in your sales  funnel and redirect people to another offer that gives them better solutions and more information, you will be able to turn free subscribers into paying customers immediately.

How To Track Your Conversions

UK conversion funnels
marketing funnel for small businesses in the UK
It is important that you track your conversions in Google’s search console. You will find a free guide that will explain how to create AB testing and how to make sure that you spot the winning headlines and sales pages, so you can maximise your results. There are also conversion tracking tools included in autoresponder accounts, so you know who clicked on your link and subscribed, bought something, or simply interacted with your brand. To successfully monetise your site, you will need to design your sales funnel entry channels and customer touch points in a way that you create meaningful relationships and improve your results. If you need any help with creating an effective sales funnel, get in touch to receive a free report.
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