If you are a business owner, trying to manage your own digital marketing, one of your main challenges will be trying to deal with information overload. I recently started working with a client who set up a digital marketing agency that is specialised in one niche. They were OK with creating sites and SEO campaigns, but they needed help with their sales letters, copy, and ideal client targeting. In short; they signed up for a course and were suffering from information overload.

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If you try doing everything at the same time, and become an expert at everything, chances are that you will never achieve your marketing goals.

Digital Marketing Lies

If you have been trying to market your business for a long time yourself, you might have downloaded eBooks, signed up for courses, watched training videos, etc. just to end up confused and overwhelmed.

Many Online Digital Marketing Courses are either full of lies or are outdated.

Here are some of the most common digital marketing lies told to small and medium sized business owners.
  1. You can just send a few connection requests and you will find a couple of clients
  2. Marketing is a numbers’ game. (It is, but the only number you should be concerned is your conversions. If you are barking up the wrong tree, you will spread yourself thin).
  3. Facebook posts should be all about likes
  4. If you say the same things again and again, loud enough, you will get customers
  5. You can work with anyone
  6. People will find you when they need you

The truth is that you should not try to please just anyone, just those who fit your category of an ideal client. You should adopt the rifle approach instead of the shotgun one. Laser-targeting the right people will increase your sales funnel conversions and your return on marketing investment.

How Marketing Sales Funnels Help You Deal with Information Overload

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If you listen to too many “so called” gurus who claim to know everything about internet marketing, social media growth, or getting results from paid advertising, you will end up jumping from one project to the next, without getting anywhere. In fact, you will need to follow through your plan. If you don’t have a business coach who will help you stay on track, you will have ti make yourself a promise to make the most out of every digital marketing method before you move on to the next one. And remember; when something looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you build a marketing strategy and create a sales funnel in the beginning, you will have a clear road map to follow.

How a Marketing Funnel Map Simplifies Your Customer Journey

When I started working with my business coach, I had no clue how my customer journey looked like. In fact, I didn’t have a funnel, either. I was too busy building sales funnels for my clients that I forgot to build my own. When I finally got to the point to design one, I focused on the wrong customer. When you start working with us, we will help you determine your short term and long term marketing goals and identify your ideal client. Once you have a clear idea about who you want to target, you can design their journey through your sales funnel and process.

Free Sales Funnel Consultation from LMNts Marketing

If you are not sure whether or not you are able to stick with a plan, or what your plan should be when it comes to growing your business through marketing, you are always welcome to book a  free consultation with us. The call is designed to make you unstuck with your social media marketing, your sales funnel design, and to give you more clarity. You will not be sold and you can walk away with a clear strategy, if you are willing to answer some marketing related questions. After all, you should always be a co-creator of your digital marketing strategy.

Get Your Marketing SWOT Completed By Us for £47

I case you don’t really know where you stand when it comes to growing your business through marketing, you might want to sign up for our marketing SWOT service, which is the highest value package ever. We will have a chat with you and help you identify your marketing strengths, your weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your business area. We have worked with business owners who were suffering from information overload and don’t know where to start building a marketing campaign.

Making the most out of your business and time sometimes simply means that you have to stop listening to everyone and get clear on your marketing goals. This is exactly what we are able to help you with here, at LMNts Marketing, a full service sales funnel agency.


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