You might not be aware of this, but our fully managed social media marketing packages for small business  (silver and above) offer autoresponder management, camoaign analysis, and optimisation. I am currently working with a client who has had her accounts managed by different companies, and failed to really engage with her audience. After rewriting some of the newsletter emails and setting up a new custom sales funnel, I managed to achieve the below results.

Past Performance

There were some campaigns set up for my client, but the engagement was pretty poor. As you can see, this is the performance of a previous campaign, which is not great, by any stretch of imagination.


So why did my client not get the engagement she wanted? And was the audience right for the campaign? The answer is that there was simply no consistency and sales funnel in place that would help them provide consistent value and create reciprocity. You cannot expect not to email your prospects for a couple of weeks and then hit them with a sales offer. It will simply not work.

In short, you will need to provide value to your potential clients, communicate your worth, and encourage them to engage with your brand on a personal level. Using online marketing funnels is the best way forward.

Focusing on the Brand

Once I reviewed all the communication from my client and redesigned her social media sales funnels, I created a consistent schedule and tone, style, and voice and set up a new funnel based on a free eBook and loads of content related to the topic. This beinig a brand new custom sales funnel, I decided to test it on various audiences. Here you can see the results that speak for themselves. 

engagement improvement.JPG

My advice to you when creating social media sales funnels is to measure every touch point. In the beginning, I had two emails with relatively low click rates, therefore, I went in the account and changed the headlines and content. This increased the overall click rate from 43 percent to almost 70.

Lead Generation for Sales Funnels

It is crucial that you don’t just generate leads, but also try to give your audience a reason to want to engage with you. Most people struggle with driving people down to the bottom of the sales funnels. It is not the leads you generate that counts, but also what you do to them. With a high ticket coaching programme, for example, you will need to add several touch points that will give your readers enough information to make an iformed decision.

Engagement and Click Rates for Autoresponders

If you have an autoresponder and are trying to find out whether or not your audience is listening, there are a couple of measures you will need to keep an eye on.

  • subscribe rate
  • open rate
  • click rate
  • unsubscribe rate
  • bounce rate
  • click per opens

You can expect some people to drop off your sales funnel over time, and it is important that you keep an eye on the individual touch points. You can see the statistics of the last email that we sent from our client’s account. This is email number seven in the autoresponder sequence.

engagement funnel no 7.JPG

You can see that some of the subscribers haven’t been through the entire funnel yet, but the click rates are solid, and the open rate is still great. The industry average for my client’s niche is about 5 percent open rate and 1.2 percent click rate.

The Benefits of GDPR Compliant Social Media Marketing Packages for Small Business

When collecting leads, you will also have to ensure that you are complying with the latest GDPR regulations. You need to include an unsubscribe link in every email, and use a double opt in method. This will reduce your bounce and unsubscribe rates and give your campaigns a better rating when it comes to mail servers.

If you are looking to get similar results from your campaigns, check out our fully managed sales funnels or book your free consultation to find out more.

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