There is something exciting about when your competitor calls you. My business coach usually tells me that I should not care about what they are doing, but I am actually grateful for what they are not doing. The other week, I got a call from a company (pretty big) that offers social media marketing packages, along with some featured listings. In fact, I was only doing my market research and wanted to find out the prices and the services others are offering. Sometimes you need to have a reality check in your business, so you know that you are not charging too much, and are addressing the problems your potential clients have. That is why I recommend that you do your research and complete the free ideal client sheet exercise.



The Approach

After I submitted a form online, I knew that I would be bombarded by calls. Thankfully, I have Mr Number installed on my phone, which means that I can block some of the marketing calls. With regards to the emails, I just simply put them on the spam list. I was looking to get quotes. I got calls. One of them came from a digital marketing company (self proclaimed), in the directory business for a long time. I answered the call, knowing who they are. Find out why.

The Lack of Questions

If you want to survey your market and tailor your offers to your clients’ needs, you will need to have the business intelligence that will stop you from shooting in the dark. You can find out how your competitors operate, so you can develop your competitive advantage. From the call, it was clear that my competitor was in it for the money, and they promised the Earth without asking the right questions about my business. I stopped them right there.

My Clients’ Experience

The same company charged one of my clients per call, and they got billed for 99 calls a month, even though 80 percent of them were telemarketers. Another client of mine got charged over £200 for advertising a completely empty Facebook business page. I mean there was just a stock photo on the page, not even a story to tell the audience what he does. Guess how many likes he got. You are right. None.

Buyers’ Journey

The call actually made me think about what Tony Mazzotti said about developing my own buyer’s journey.  I thought it would be hard work, but it is not that challenging. I pretty much have it nailed, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t need to make adjustments. Buyers’ behavior and preferences change, and that is why you need to keep an eye on their needs all the time. For me, it is simple. I offer a free consultation to find out whether we are a good fit by asking the questions and trying to come up with a plan that is easy to understand for the business owner. Once this stage is complete, they usually see the value in what I offer and ask about coming on board and take out one of my sales funnel packages or social media markeitng offers.

My Answer to the Marketing Call

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What was my answer to the marketing call? You might feel fed up with waiting. I simply stopped them in the middle of the sales pitch, and said “THANK YOU”.

Can I just please stop there? In fact, I only submitted my details because I offer social media marketing packages and wanted to survey the market. However, I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to your company for upsetting so many business owners. Just to let you know, they feel let down and come to me to sort their digital marketing out.


You might think that I am cocky,  but in fact I was just telling the truth. You need to speak from the place of integrity and confidence. If you don’t believe that you are offering value to your clients, how can you expect them to believe in you?

Have you researched your market and competition recently? Without this step, you cannot find your USP and remain competitive in your marketplace.

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