I started 2020, the new decade with loads of energy and plenty of buzz. I always look forward to my 90-day planning session, but the beginning of the year was something special. I realised that I need to keep my eyes on the ball and make sure that I am not getting distracted. I delivered a presentation, more like a discussion at the event, and I was surprised how engaged the audience was. They were interested what I had to say about marketing, and this made me feel amazing. So I decided to do something more. Here’s a photo of me talking to business owners about the principles of marketing.

sales funnel training

I realised that I have so much to give and I decided to launch my webinar series about digital marketing. In particular, Facebook advertising and Instagram.

You can join me next month starting from next Wednesday for free. Here’s all the info for you to register and to get started with getting a constant flow of leads to your business.


Step 1: Clear Niche Identification

One of the things I decided on in 2020 is that I will build sales funnels for a particular niche, instead of just being a generalist. I would need to learn a lot about different industries to make their campaigns work. After a bit of soul searching, I decided that I would work on developing high ticket sales funnels for coaches and consultants. They are the people who already understand the importance of having a system for sales and I actually work very well with people in this industry. I understand them, their business, as well as their clients. Having a clear target market will help you get better conversions.

Step 2: Detailed Targeting

The second thing I will implement in my business and marketing is focusing on my ideal clients every day, instead of jumping from one message to the next. Every niche has 3-5 main problems they are looking for a solution for. That is going to determine the topics I am going to talk about on social media and my blog. I will also focus much more on Facebook ads, as they give you the power to set up detailed targeting.

Step 3: New Webinars for Coaches and Consultants

I decided to launch my own webinar funnel to optimise the system for my coaching and consulting industry clients. There’s no point guessing what is going to get results; I will be the example and create a case study that will communicate the impact of the campaigns we are using. The system will be easy to replicate and scale. I don’t want my clients to have a marketing funnel that is not tried and tested; they deserve the best!

Step 4: Test Driving Webinar Funnels for Our Coaching and Consulting Clients

I am also going to offer a payment plan for all sales funnel development packages. As the page development takes time, and you will not be likely to get results of a half finished business, there will be a manageable payment plan for developing your funnels. It is easy to manage each stage of the business development, and I will be able to scale the projects better.

Step 5: Optimising My Sales Funnels

Finally, I had to realise that it is just as important to optimise your sales funnels as to set them up. The good news is that you don’t have to change the entire sequence; you just need to look at problem areas and make small adjustments.

Make sure that you look out for our posts on social media and claim your free consultation for coaches and consultants online. Also feel free to join our Facebook group where you can get plenty of free training on digital marketing.

Here’s to an amazing New Year!

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