Affiliate marketing is more competitive than ever before. Last time I was heavily involved in affiliate digital marketing was 2012, and I was making good commissions, but found it very daunting. There will always be superaffiliates in every niche who are able to master traffic techniques and have a huge network. Breaking in is close to impossible, so I was very happy when  a new client approached me asking for help.

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you will need a custom sales funnel and loads of research. Below you will find a few tips I have shared with my client and the techniques I am usin to make it work for her.

1. Know Your Target Market

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You might have come across huge promises and shiny income statements, but breaking into a market you know little or nothing about is harder than you think. You have to research your target audience; their behaviour, and their preferences, as well as their most urgent problems you can address with the product you are promoting. From forum and blog post research to joining social media groups, there are several ways you can connect with your target audience.

2. Understand How Oher Affiliates Market the Same Products

Competition ressearch is just as important as knowing your potential buyers. You don’t want to use the same ads and messages; after all, this is your own brand and business, even if you are selling other people’s products or services. Make a note of the most effective and most common digital marketing methods affiliates use, and choose your unique approach. This might take a long time, but will be worth it.

3. Do Your Keyword Research

Most people getting started with affiliate marketing have a limited budget, which means that they cannot spend hundreds of pounds on paid ads. This leaves them with the option of search engine optimisation, and for this they will have to find the right keywords to target. My client is currently going through a list of keywords I compiled and is checking how competitive they are, so we can build her content around the ones that are both profitable and easy to get traffic to.

4. Focus On 1-2 Small Sub-niches

If you are promoting an online store or multiple services, you have to narrow your focus and choose one or two profitable sub-niches that you know about and can get you enough sales to replace your existing income.

5. Create a Gateway Website

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It is surprising how many affiliates think that they simply have to send traffic to the main site and affiliate links to get the sales. The key to effective digital marketing strategy is working smarter rather than harder. You have to create a gateway website where you capture interest, build your list, and get the information you need to market to the same people over and over. Only a small percentage of people are going to buy the first time they land on a sales page, so you can optimise your conversions if you keep engaging with them until they are ready to buy.

6. Add a Personal Touch

The main purpose of building your list is making sure that you can create deeper and more personal connections with your audience than the company. This means that you have to be in front of them on social media, publish videos, and make the most out of your personal approach. Make selling feel more like helping them out, and you can create an effective sales funnel for every niche.

If you are thinking about getting started with affiliate marketing, and need some advice, you can book a free consulation to find out how we can work together. Remember: it takes much more than sharing your links all over the internet. You need a detailed strategy.


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