I have massive plans for my own sales funnels and my clients. If you are following this blog, you might be receiving my updates about my education, and the progress of my daily work, automation, and conversion optimization of the sales funnels I am building. I now decided to buid a YES funnel. after going through a training session with Anik Singal. I would say that about 60 percent of what I know about digital marketing and sales funnels is based on his training. If you haven’t joined the Lurn platform yet for free, I would recommend you to head over now to find out more about differetn courses on digital marketing.

What Is a Yes Funnel

A YES funnel is basically a normal sales funnel that focuses on engagement and commitment. If you are looking to nurture the relationshop with your audience and make sure that they are staying emotionally involved, you will need to constantly deliver value and help them understand what you offer and how they can benefit from your product or service. If you are successful at commiunicating your value, you will be able to take them closer to making a buying decision without them noticing.

Which Industries Benefit from a YES Sales Funnel

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Almost every industry will see increased conversion rates after building a YES funnel. However, it works best for coaching, high ticket items, and complicated products, such as software or creative work. A sales funnel based on enagement will help you showcase your talent and communicate your value as well as the benefits for the client.

The Chance To Say Yes at Every Touch Point

The secret to creating a successful YES funnel is giving your audience a chance to say yes at every touch point. You can give away a taster video educating them on the topic you are talking about. Once they watched it, you can present an offer that is irresistible, so they will feel valued. Once they have realized that they received much more value than expected, you will have reciprocity, so your relationship will be much more personal. They will feel like they know you, and your open rates and conversions will be much higher as a result.

Measuring the Engagement and Dropout Rates Is Still Crucial

Just like with every type of sales funnel, you will need to measure every touch point individually. You will need to find out which email has the lowest open and click rate, so you can improve it or create an AB testing campaign. You will need to reduce your dropout rates and create a re-engagement campaign to et more value for your advertising budget.

How I Plan to Build Successful Yes Sales Funnels

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I am building a YES funnel for myself and a few clients who are in the business and personal coaching industry. I will focus on lead generation and engagement based on personal videos, and getting leads to sign up for a webinar. Once they have signed up, they will get even more value, so they will not think twice whether or not to turn up. The webinar will deliver exceptional value, and there will be a special offer presented to them at the end; either in the form of a discount or a bonus. This will help improve conversion rates and keep people engaged with the brand and the person behind it.

If you have any questions about conversions, yes funnels. or sales funnels in general, get in touch with us and arrange a free consultation. Looking forward to helping you achieve the success you deserve.

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