In case you have been following what Laura’s Sales Funnels has been publishing, you might already know that we are helping businesses in two different ways. We will either go in and find the reason why their digital marketing is not working and fix it, or coach our business owner clients to become better at generating content and communicating their USP. The results this week have been phenomenal. Find out more below.


become a confident marketer and get visible results from your sales funnels
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One of the things we have helped our clients this week is growing their confidence. Instead of throwing different tips at them on how to improve their business communication and their marketing methods, we have simply provided them with their personalised strategy based on their strengths. 

Focused Strategy

We have helped small business owners identify their ideal customer and the message they are looking to get out there. We delivered personalised 
small business marketing advice through our coaching sessions or strategy meetings. We have created a plan to engage with people who might be able to promote their business, those who will become raving fans, and those looking for immediate solutions. We identified the most successful marketing methods and platforms. 


When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses and sales funnel development, the whole idea is based on consistency. You need to identify your own voice and the strongest messages. Thanks to the consistent content we delivered to our clients’ target market, we have seen some amazing results: 

success through automated sales funnels
New client’s sales funnel results after a week: Look at the engagement levels.

Personal Growth 

Our sales funnel coaching clients will not only benefit from improved turnover and brand visibility, but also grow massively. Below you can find out how some of our coaching clients have managed to achieve personal growth:

  • One of our clients was stuck with creating a free offer and an autoresponder sequence. In just a few weeks’ time, thanks to our technical support and coaching programme, now they have a stunning free download and are getting leads every day. 
  • Another coaching and small business sales funnel client of ours had no idea what their main message should be. We identified the ideal customer on each marketing platform and tailored their strategy to the needs of each market. Now they are seeing real engagement and in the first week only they had over 50 clicks to their links from social media only. 

Digital Marketing Clarity 

We believe that most small business owners are unable to create their sales funnels and develop a digital marketing strategy because they get confused and don’t understand the technology. We help them create a small business sales funnel system that is easy to follow and implement. 

If you would like to benefit from our coaching and get help with creating your automated sales funnel, get in touch and we will be happy to sit down for a free consultation. 

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