If you have heard about sales funnels before (I go on about them all the time as they are sexy), you might be confused about the difference between setting up a marketing funnel and strategy for a startup or an existing company. 

In the past few weeks, I had a pleasure to design a couple of startup sales funnels. One of them was for a technology startup, and the other one for a new service launch by someone who is changing industries. Before you create a digital marketing strategy, it is important that you decide which niche and part of the funnel to focus on. Below you will find a few tips on how to design a sales funnel for a startup company or product/service. 

Find the Angle

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When I sit down with startups, I usually talk about the product, the mission and vision statement of the company, as well as the benefits for the end user. I try to find an angle and a way to make the launch a public interest issue, so we can create a powerful press release campaign. Most of our startup sales funnel packages include press releases, as this is a good way of creating awareness and communicating the core messages. 

Create the USP Messages

Once we found the angle and the reason why customers would be interested in the new service or product, it is time to find the USP we want to communicate. It can be a price advantage, the ease of use, the additional features, or the revolutionary design. Whatever makes your product or service stand out, we want to know about it, so we can generate interest in the marketplace. 

Hit Hard on the Awareness and Interest Part of the Sales Funnel

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When we are working with brand new companies and startups, it is important that we only focus on the entry level of the sales funnels: interest and awareness. Without these, it is impossible to create genuine engagement and interact with the audience. Until you have enough people knowing about your brand, you cannot expect real interaction. 

Build Anticipation

If your product, company, or service hasn’t launched yet, you will need to do everything to shout about it on social media. However, be smart; create anticipation and not annoyance. Let people know what you are planning to do, give them a lot of information, but not too much, so you can get them to follow your posts if they would like to find out more. Create competitions or introductory discounts, so you can get more traction when you are creating your sales funnels. 

Answer the Question: What Is In It For Me?

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Anticipation and customer engagement 
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As a sales funnel expert, one of the things that annoys me the most is marketing campaigns that are created with no real purpose. Your end goal is to guide your visitors through the sales funnel and turn them into loyal customers. If you cannot do this, chances are that you will be missing the point altogether. 

For startups, it is important that they create awareness of the product and service, but – something most business owners forget about – also the benefit for the customer. If you don’t answer the “why”, you will never be able to penetrate the market. 

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