I love working with startups, as they are like a blank canvas for me. If you would like to change things around an existing website and marketing strategy, you often have to spend more time doing it than drawing up the plans for the existing business and clearing up the mess of the old web designer and marketing person than creating a system from the ground up. Below you will find some information on what we usually start with our free, no obligation consultation.

First Stage: Awareness

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UK business sales funnel explained

When we are talking about marketing funnels for startup businesses, the main focus should be creating awareness of the new offers, products, and services. It is important to design the market entry strategy first, before we can create the top of the sales funnel; adding people to the system. For this, we need to know more about the behaviour of the niche, the competition, and the different channels we can use to reach the target market.

Unique Selling Proposition

When I sit down with new clients, I always ask whether or not they have a clearly defined USP. If you don’t know what sets you apart from other companies in your market, you can never stand out. Your unique selling proposition should also be used to help you develop your brand messages, your marketing focus, and your value proposition. If you can’t give your website visitors a good enough reason to choose you instead of another company in your industry, you will never see conversions in your sales funnel.

Goal Setting

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conversion goal setting sales funnel

Without you knowing where you want to go, I can’t lead the way. If you know exactly what the aim of your sales funnel and the end result should be, I can work with you. As an example, industries with a longer sales cycle, such as consulting or accountancy might want people to ask for a callback and a prospectus, before they would make a phone call to them, so they don’t waste time, money, and energy on cold leads. Your sales funnel should keep the leads warm until your buyers are ready to make a decision, If, however, you are a plumber or a drain cleaning company, you need to offer a phone line and direct response as customers are motivated to buy right now.

Ideal Customer Definition

I also ask clients to draw their ideal customer. If you have not researched the market yet, this will be hard. Make sure that you arrive prepared to our meeting, as you will be questioned on the following:

  • Who are your target customers
  • What is their most urgent problems you can solve
  • What are the problems your competitors are not addressing
  • What are the questions they are asking about your product?
  • What influences their buying decisions?

Brand Messages

Once you have a clear idea of what your brand represents, what your USP is, and which channels your customers are hanging out, we can start constructing our brand messages that will be included in every touchpoint of the sales funnel. Without having a mission and vision statement, and a clear goal, you can’t get started with this process. I will help you brainstorm ideas by asking the right questions, so you can have some clarity in your digital marketing.

If you would like to get help with your sales funnel design and see clearer about how you can monetise your new business, you should get in touch below. We offer free consultation for companies located around Chester, and Skype meetings for UK small business startups to help them succeed in the competitive world of online marketing.

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