Of course, as a full service sales funnel agency, we would love to help every business owner grow their revenue through social media. There are, however, some business owners who are more coachable and more collaborative than others. We work very well with business coaches and consultants, because they understand the importance of their input when we create a high ticket sales funnel. After all, it is important that the customer is a co-creator of their marketing campaign. As we always tell customers; we might be good at marketing, we are not experts in every market. We need that input that makes the social media messages and LinkedIn marketing campaigns stick.

How We Build Social Media Management Packages for Coaches and Consultants

Coaches and consultants are failing at creating a consistent messages most of the time. They have a  few ideas, and they try them all or one after the other This – more often than not – confuses their audience. At the same time, sometimes they are between clients, and they are posting dozens of times a day, while when they are busy they will ignore their audience. When we work with clients from the high ticket coaching and consulting sphere, we often tailor their message to their target market. We pick their ideal clients and craft the social media marketing messages to talk directly to them, We also find out about their goals, so we can reverses engineer the campaigns.

How Our Sales Funnel Services Work

There is often a myth surrounding sales funnels. And many sales funnel agencies will add to the confusion, so they can charge more for their services. In fact, a sales funnel can be as simple as a download, a newsletter, and a follow up video. However, the more you communicate your offer and value, the better you can sell your high ticket products or services. That is why coaches and consultants often look at sales funnels as a solution. The good news is that we create an initial funnel map before we start building the marketing system. A digital marketing funnel should be built on the USP of the business and has to reflect the values the coach or consultant has to offer. We often start with developing case studies and presentations, so we can highlight the benefits of the service and create social proof.

What Information We Need from Business Coaches and Consultants to Make Their Social Media Management Packages Work

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While we try to do as much research as possible when we start working with clients on building a digital marketing funnel, we also find it useful to ask the right questions. For example, we will make sure we have the ideal client sheet completed, and we are not wasting time and money barking up the wrong tree. At the same time, we also ask questions about how our client usually interacts with their leads, prospects, and whether they already have a follow up system in place to turn them into customers. Our philosophy as a website funnel agency is that we don’t try to fix what is not broken, just to justify charging customers more for our services. We have recently turned down a prospect who wanted to work with us. We found out that their Google paid ads were getting them a decent ROI. We told them that we would probably not be able to beat the results of those campaigns, and they should instead invest in their Adwords campaigns.

How We Build a Digital Marketing Funnel For Coaches and Consultants

Not all digital marketing funnels are created equal. You will have to take into consideration the audience, the platforms, and the pain points of potential customers. Every coach and consultant addresses a particular set of problems individuals or businesses face. When we find this connection, we can craft  our messages and build the social media management packages. Once we have generated some engagement and found out more about the audience, and what they are reacting to, what type of content they are interested in, we can start building the high ticket sales funnel. We might modify the landing pages, create new offers, downloads, and even webinars. As a website funnel agency, we take a holistic approach.

The Main Challenges of Building a High Ticket Sales Funnel for Coaches

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There are several challenges business coaches and personal coaches face when trying to build a digital marketing funnel.

  • competition
  • unclear USP
  • trying to please everyone
  • being restricted by the franchise
  • engaging in the old ways of getting clients
  • not qualifying their leads

At LMNts Marketing, we focus on reaching the right audience, instead of just going for the likes. After all, you don’t have to please everyone; just those who are going to see the value in what you have to offer, and those who have the budget allocated for coaching. This will also get our clients a better return on marketing investment on our sales funnel services.

Are you a coach or consultant who is looking to grow their business, engage with potential customers, and spend less time following up? Talk to us about our internet marketing sales funnel packages. You can arrange a free consultation and book an appointment.

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