From time to time, every blogger and business owners runs out of content ideas and finds it hard to fill their site and their social media accounts with relevant and interesting content. What if I told you that you can repurpose your existing articles and blog posts to engage with your audience and give them a new angle to the same message? With our professional content packages, it is possible.

Search Engines Love Videos – SEO Benefits

If you have recently looked at you Google webmaster account or your WordPress stats, you might have noticed that there is a new field for stats: “minutes of videos watched”. This is evidence that video content is actually something that matters for search engines, and you need some. Instead of paying hundreds to a videographer to create one piece, you can use some slideshow videos or other type of content to make your business stand out and engage with your audience. Not to mention that when people are watching your videos on your pages, your bounce rate will go down.

Getting Links Back from Videos – Backlinks

If you create a lot of videos, or just break down a longer video to some smaller chunks, you might be able to get links back whenever they are published and republished. For example, social media shares count as a vote for your site. Not to mention people republishing your content. Getting backlinks from engaging and engaged videos will improve your SEO as well as your traffic stats.

Videos Are More Likely to Go Viral

No matter how well you write, blogging has its limitations. Today, people have a shorter attention span that a goldfish, and they are looking for instant gratification and answers. That is the main reason why you might want to create video content. Alternatively, we can help you get your message across in an engaging way by designing presentations or infographics search engines and social media will love.

Videos Get More Sales Funnel Conversions

It is proven that video content can increase your sales funnel conversions. Why? Because people want to be a in a relationship with you. They would like to know that you are for real, and you care. If you can get more videos out there, and gain their trust, you don’t have to hard sell any more. After all, you know the old saying: “people buy from those they know, like, and trust”.

A Cost-effective Way of Getting Content Out There

If you hire a videographer for a course or a seminar, chances are that you will end up paying a couple of hundred dollars or pounds. You might already have some content. For example, we have over 200 blog posts here at LMNts Marketing, and we are slowly creating training units out of them to get people to engage with the ethos of the business and walk away with some valuable information. You can do the same. Our infographics start at £75 and we can create a video article for just £99 including two revisions.

Professional Video Articles

We can turn your blog articles into videos in a professional way. We will include an intro, a call-to-action in the end, your colour schemes, and your logo, as well. We have access to quality, high resolution royalty free images and videos to make your content stand out and entertain, as well as inform.

Here are some examples of the video articles we have created for our clients:


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