No matter which industry you are in, it is important that you stay in front of your potential customers’ eyes. You don’t have to be a professional salesperson to make the most out of your exposure. Social media marketing will create the consistency you need and the exposure your brand deserves. Below you will find a few tips to win the social media game and beat your competition.

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The main rule of marketing your small or medium sized business on the internet is that you need to be consistent. Blogging once a month or posting every now and then will not get you the results you are expecting from your social media campaign. Another aspect of digital marketing you should pay attention to is the consistent use of brand messages, colours, and logos. You might have noticed that – in fact – I have experimented with various logos in the past and image schemes. It was a mistake. You need to talk to a designer to build your brand image based on your values and your USP.


When I create a social media campaign with my clients and put it in action, I tend to send out reports about how their brand’s reach has grown. In the beginning, it can be as high as a couple of hundred percent, and my goal is to make sure that they get continuous improvements. The more people you reach the more followers you will have to market to in the future.


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Another important statistics is engagement when it comes to social media marketing. You should always measure this. Unfortunately, keeping track of all the actions on your social media posts and accounts can be time consuming. That is why I started offering a social media management package, starting at £150 per month. I will help you develop your brand message, schedule and measure everything, and you will get to see the results. This is something many social media management companies don’t dare to offer.


From time to time, it is also important that you read the feedback and understand what your followers like and dislike about your posts. There are several great ways of getting feedback; distributing surveys, adding short questionnaires, or posting in groups. You should also take time off regularly to answer comments and read what your competition is saying about their product, so you can reposition your brand in the marketplace. Listening to your audience and engaging with them is much better than establishing a one-way communication.

Getting Leads

Before you start a social media campaign, it is important that you set conversion targets and know what you would like to achieve. Even if you are going for a sale, you should not forget to capture the personal details of your visitors, or you will have no chance to market to them again. If you need help with setting up landing pages for your social media campaigns, you can check out this blog post to get started. You have to remember that people are not likely to buy from you the first time they come across your offer online. This is why you need to find a way to get them to come back for more.

Setting up a social media campaign for small or medium sized businesses can be time consuming and challenging. You should get a consistent brand message and image out there and stop looking for the easy button. If you are ready to get started with getting your business noticed on social media. you should get in touch for a free consultation.

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