If you have been in business for a while, and been told that you have to be on messenger and the email every day to get new customers, you will be surprised to know that there is an easier way. You should always look at your value and learn to value yourself before others can. This will make it easier for you to communicate your USP. And your sales funnels will work better, too.

Personal Branding vs. Professional Profile

You will need to find the balance between your professional profile and your personal branding, or it will be hard for you to connect with your target audience. That is why you should always share your posts on your business and personal profiles at the same time.

Time Well Spent On Marketing and Lead Generation

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Most of our clients say that they spend hours a day trying to generate leads on social media, and they don’t get anywhere, It is because they don’t have a system to follow up and don’t automate some of the processes. We, at LMNts Marketing know that social media lead generation can be time consuming, but it is necessary. Automation works up to a certain level, but you need to have a carefully designed sales funnel that will take care of your conversions.

Social Media Marketing and Sales Funnel Development

To master social media marketing, you will need to create posts that will stop people scrolling. This can be challenging, as the attention span of humans is now just 8 seconds. Of course, the younger your audience is, the less likely they will be to listen to your long videos, let alone read a long article. Your social media leads want to be entertained and inspired.

How To Filter Through Bad Leads On Social Media

There are,  of course,  some pitfalls of social media lead generation, too. For example, you will have people connecting with you with no intention to buy. They can be:

  • tire kickers
  • competitors
  • people who don’t know what to do
  • people who have no budget

To stop wasting your time chasing after bad leads, it is recommended that you ask qualifying questions and filter through your leads. You might get excited first when people contact you, but can you realistically turn these people into customers? If not, your time is better spent doing something else. If they don’t reply after a few engaging messages, you might want to count your losses and move on.

Making Digital Marketing Work for You

It is crucial that you are able to create a social media marketing strategy with the end results in mind, At the end of the day, we don’t market our products or services to be liked or to get popular. We want to make the sale. For this, we need qualified leads.

Are you trying to make sense of social media lead generation? Browse our posts or get in touch for a free consultation.

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