If you are in a business to business niche, it is important that you are choosing your social media marketing strategy right. We work with loads of business coaches and consultants, and their main social media platform is LinkedIn. While there are many courses and guides on setting up your LinkedIn profile to work, there are no cookie-cutter options. Below you will find a case study on LinkedIn engagement and how we helped our coaching clients get noticed by the ideal clients.

A Clear and Professional Profile

The first thing you have to do is optimise your LinkedIn profile. Your headline should fit in one line, and tell people what you do and why they should care. The same rule applies here as with websites: you have to answer visitors’ main question: “What Is In It For Me?” If you fail to do this, you will not attract them to check out your posts.

Don’t forget to create a custom URL for your LinkedIn page, and include some of the keywords people might be looking you up for.

The Profile Photo

There are many people who use the same profile photo on LinkedIn and Facebook. This is a no-no. You should always ensure that you look professional, but friendly. Nobody wants a sour faced coach, but if you are not bothered to hire a professional photographer, you will look cheap and unprofessional.

If you are in Cheshire, here are two photographers you can trust with your Linkedin headshot:

Andrew Collier, professional photographer

I have known Andrew for a while, and he is great at what he does, He is based in Warrington, and can accommodate individuals or teams. He also has great day packages, when he takes care of your makeup and hair and serves coffee.

Doug Hounslow Photography

Doug has been a customer of mine for a while, and he created my LinkedIn photo. You can check it out here. He is also great when you need a few professional product photos for your website.

Avoid Spamming

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Image via Picryl

In recent years, LinkedIn has been trying to get rid of spam, and inMail is only available for upgraded packages. It still occurs, though. I come across it every day. Just last Friday, I got an email from someone calling me “sir”. I didn’t bother reading on, and reported the email.

Viral Content Works All the Way + Snip.ly

When it comes to LinkedIn, it is all about making your profile noticed and establishing yourself as an authority figure. Instead of blowing your own trumpet all the time, you should not shy away from sharing other people’s content. It can go viral.

Recently, I sent out a viral post on LinkedIn, and got over 70K views. The good news is that I actually used Snip.ly to add my link on the page, so I managed to get  a good click through rate from the post, too.

Create a Consistent Message

Consistency is essential. I don’t mind if my clients would like to see every post that goes out, or even write it themselves. But I want it to be regular and engaging. I will send back the spreadsheet with a comment if I think that it doesn’t fit the brand image we are looking to communicate.

Engage with Other People’s Posts

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Image via Anete Lūsiņa@anete_lusina

This is the best LinkedIn marketing tip ever. You need to show that you are a real person and join in the conversation. Some people will think that it is rude to butt in, but it is actually going to make the author smile. Be supportive and helpful, and you will see increased engagement and more profile views immediately.

Are you looking to improve your social media results and your LinkedIn marketing? Get in touch and we will come up with a social media sales funnel that will work for your business.



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