Without customers, you will not have a business. Fact. No matter if you have just started off, or have been trying to make your business idea work, you need a sales funnel. However, a marketing funnel without a constant flow of leads is not going to generate you money. And we are all in business to make money, otherwise we would have struggled on with our unsatisfying corporate job, right? Below you will find a few tips and tricks we have learned in the past few years building funnels to help you tap into your buyer market.

Offer Value

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The First Step of creating a sales funnel is finding out how you can help your audience out. You need to remember not to target everyone, only those who are motivated enough to buy, and those who have the budget. Otherwise, you will be wasting your marketing dollars on people who will never become customers, not to mention the cost of sales funnel development. I recommend that you complete our Ideal Client exercise before you get started, so you can address the pain points of your potential customers.

Give Them a Good Enough Reason to Want to Connect and Enter Your Sales Funnel

It is crucial that you give people a good enough reason to give you their contact details. No matter if you are just building your list, getting appointment bookings for your coaching and consulting business, or connecting with them through social media. You will have to offer the exact solution they are looking for to solve their most important problems. After all, people are motivated either by financial gain, or avoiding pain.

Be Consistent and Offer More Value

It is, however, not enough to get people to land in your marketing funnel. You will have to nurture the relationships with your subscribers and connections, or they will soon forget about you. The internet is filled with “white noise”, especially social media. You will have to be consistent, offer value every day, and gain people’s trust if you want them to stay tuned in to what you have to say and sell.

Improve Your Reputation Every Day

If there is one asset that will make or break your business when it comes to digital marketing, it is social proof. You might want to become a guest blogger and share your ideas on other people’s sites, so you can showcase your talent and value. however, there is nothing more valuable than testimonials and recommendations. There will be loads of people who are happy with your service or product, but too busy to give you a recommendation. Have a system in place to ask them to share their reviews on popular sites, such as Google My Business, Facebook, Yell, and more.

Put Yourself Out There

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This has been a huge hold-back in my business. I didn’t go on live and didn’t do videos because I thought nobody would put up with my accent. However, the game changed when one of the people in my own digital marketing training Facebook group told me they listened to my live while cleaning. I was shocked. No matter how you talk, what type of accent you have, or whether you are a trained performer, if your content is valuable, people will listen. You can win the game by doing lives, stories, and talking to people in person. If you are a coach or consultant, you might even hold a webinar.

Create an Irresistible Offer

Once you have created trust and nurtured the relationship with your potential client, it is time to present them with an irresistible offer, so you can drive them further down your sales funnel. This might be a low ticket item, a free consultation, or something that involves more commitment from their part. The main thing is that it has to be a “no brainer” and have a much higher perceived value than the price tag suggests.

Are you looking for creative ways of building your sales funnel? We work as partners with business owners to ensure we are generating the right results for their business goals. We offer a free consultation and a marketing SWOT for those who are ready to grow their customer base through digital marketing. Book your spot now.


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