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5 Reasons Your Social Media Is Not Working

1. No Engagement 

If your pages have loads of followers, but no engagement, you are wasting your time and money. 

Check your Facebook insights

Check how many profile visits you got on Instagram

Check if you are reaching the right people

 2. Your audience is not ready to buy

It is important that you are focusing on buying traffic. 

However, most of your followers are not ready to buy yet. 

You have to be consistent until they are.

3. Lack of brand identity

Are you jumping from one business idea and promotion to the next?

Define your brand and make sure your audience can identify and recognise you.

 4. You focus on the wrong numbers

Focusing on likes is the wrong approach. 

You have to ensure that you are getting the right followers and they engage with your brand. 

Engagement is worth more than Likes.

5. You have no sales funnel

If you are opening a store, you will need to have the infrastructure. 

The same applies to digital marketing. 

You need a funnel to convert traffic into sales.

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