I would like to talk about something that is relevant to every small and medium sized business owner and can help you get your digital or offline marketing right: USP. You heard about USP, but not sure what it stands for? 

Some people say that USP stands for Unique Selling Point, others claim that it is your Unique Selling Proposition. Either way, it defines what sets you apart from other companies in your industry, offering the same solutions or products.

If you would like to succeed with developing a custom sales funnel, you need to start with identifying your USP.

Why You Need a USP to Build a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

One of the main issues of business owners I work with is that they don’t have a USP. When I ask them what their business stands for, they usually just say: I am a plumber, I am a massage therapist, or I am a coach. This is not going to help them make sense of their marketing.

Get Help with Developing Your USP and Brand Messages


I have a simple system I would like to share with you to help you find your USP. It starts with the following questions:

What makes your brand unique?

What impact does your business make?

How do you change your customers’ lives?

Which particular problems does your product or service solve?

What sets you apart from other companies in your market?

How can you provide more value than your competition?

How Having a USP Can Help You Flood Your Sales Funnel

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It will give your website visitors and social media followers a good enough reason to choose you over other companies. In short, your USP will make your brand shine online and offline.

You can also use your USP to develop your mission, vision, and values statement. No matter how small your operation is, you will need to have one.

You can use it to find out your competitive advantage and position yourself in the marketplace.

Your USP will also help you identify your ideal customer.

Having a strong USP doesn’t guarantee success, though. It has to be aligned with the needs and expectations of your market. Just because you are able to make green chocolate, and you have a strong USP, it doesn’t mean that people will pay you extra for green chocolate.

My Marketing Advice for Businesses Developing a USP

If you can book a few hours off to develop your USP, you should do it. Here are some steps that will help you get started.

  1. Do your market research
  2. Pick a particular niche
  3. Learn about your competition
  4. Find out which particular need of the market your competitors are not addressing
  5. Choose a USP that is unique enough and strong enough to convince your target audience that what you offer is exactly what they need. You will need to provide the exact answer to their questions: “what is in it for me and why should I care about what you do?”

If you need help with developing your USP, get in touch to arrange a free consultation. You can also download my free ideal client sheet to get started with positioning your brand.


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