Last week, I was having a chat with one of my coaching clients, and she asked me how she is supposed to get traffic to the entrance of the sales funnel. I told her to leave the job to me, and I did get her targeted visitors, of course, but some of you might be curious about what quality visitors look like. Knowing your ideal customer is important if you want to secure good conversion rates, so choosing your traffic sources well is one of the most important things to learn. Here’s a few tips for you to consider when starting your marketing funnel.

Where Your Target Market Hangs Out

The first thing you need to know before you can get traffic to your site is where your target audience is hanging out. Are they the Facebook type, read blogs, or magazines? Would they want to get your updates on social media or via a newsletter? Are they looking for a bargain or information online? Are they visual learners, or would rather read a report? Once you know where they are, you can create an inbound marketing plan.

What Interests Them

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Once you know who your potential clients are, you will need to create a hook to get them to enter your sales funnel. This means that you sit down and do your research. While this is the least favorite step of my clients, without it we cannot design a marketing campaign that can deliver great conversion rates. You have to know everything about your target customer; their joys, their pains, their most urgent problems, and their values, most importantly.

Who They Follow

When setting up Facebook or social media ads, you can easily piggyback on the traffic other people have. For example, when I create a Facebook advertising campaign, I usually go for people who are interested in getting more traffic and conversions, and maybe tried some of the available software, or autoresponders. I have figured out that just because they havea Mailchimp account, they might not be able to make the most out of thier advertising plans.

Which Groups They Are a Part Of?

If you have a new website and social media accounts, it will be hard to get the first people to like and follow you. That is why you will have to reach out and invest in outbound marketing. This means engaging with people in different social media groups, on blogs, and commenting in forums. You might not know this, but you can showcase your expertise for free by answerring questions on Quora and similar sites. Ask me in the comment sections and I will explain.

What Makes them Tick?

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There is no point finding the right audience if you cannot make them take action. It is important that you understand your potential clients’ buying triggers and create call-to-action messages according to their preferences and buyers’ persona. You don’t want to waste time setting up a sales funnel that doesn’t deliver good conversion rates, so knowing what your target customer will respond to is essential, at every stage; awareness, interest, demand, and action.

If you want to drive traffic to your sales funnels, you will first need to find out where your target market is. You have to do your keyword research, so you can find out what they are searching for online. You need to study relevant groups and social media communities, so you can tap into their traffic and maximise your brand’s reach.

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