No matter if you have a training site, a coaching program, or a membership website, it is important that you reach out to the audience and find out where they hang out. Coaches and consultants can leverage sales funnels to make sure that they are not missing out on leads and conversions. People with an accredited training might also be better off building their own funnels instead of relying on the traffic a competitive website such as Teachable or Udemi offer. Below you will find a few tips on building a sales funnel for your training and coaching business.

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Online Training Has a Bad Rep, That’s Why You Need A Funnel

Unfortunately, you will find it hard to gain the trust of people you want to work with. It is because of the bad reputation of the industry. You will need to build trust and many people have broken that trust already. Just like with coaching and consulting, digital marketing, there is some negativity in the market about engaging with a trainer or coach. You have to break through the negative presumptions before you can have a meaningful conversation with your potential clients. Then you can provide more value and build more trust.

How An Engagement Funnel Looks Like

The difference between a sales funnel and an engagement funnel is pretty much the approach. While with sales funnels you will go in trying to close the client, with engagement funnels you focus on the quality of the relationships. As a trainer, expert, coach, or consultant, you will need more touch points. You cannot feature your merchandise the same way retailers can, so all you have to sell is yourself.

Sell More Courses through Sales Funnels

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If you want to sell more courses through sales funnels, you will have to give away a lot of information to build trust. No matter if you base your lead pages on a free training, a report, or a tool, you have to create reciprocity. Your potential clients will have to know that you are offering a massive amount of value. You cannot explain what you do without showing the results. Not to mention that you can also get reviews and testimonials that will increase your reputation and profile and get people to trust you.

How To Create Reciprocity If You Are A Coach, Trainer, or Consultant

Reciprocity is something that is a main element of our sales funnels here, at LMNts Marketing. We believe that you always have to offer more value than what you charge for, and you have to make people feel grateful. Gratitude is a positive feeling, and when clients have a positive emotion associated with your brand, you are more likely to get them to stay with you and trust you as an expert. Another thing you will have to focus on is the “like me” moment. It is also often called the “wow” moment, when people realise that the solution you are offering is the answer to their most urgent problems.

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