When you have tried search engine optimisation, social media marketing, prospecting, cold calling, and networking, and you can’t see the results you have expected, chances are that you will need to take a step back and figure out what you can change to improve your online marketing funnels. You should start focusing on your smart goals and the customer value, and improve your conversions. Below you will find a few examples of how you can tackle the lack of traffic and engagement in your online business.

Understanding Their Market Better

If you are getting no engagement from your audience, chances are that you might be barking up the wrong tree or talk about things nobody is interested in. Unlike a couple of decades ago, you will not have to pay thousands of pounds for market and industry research. A simple check on social media sites and groups, as well as a quick survey will help you understand the main problems of your target market and address them better.

Adding Content Regularly

Updating your site will not only benefit your search engine rankings, but also help you give your potential customers and website visitors a reason to come back and engage with you. Once you have created an emotional connection and made them believe that your brand is relevant to their values and goals, you will have a much easier job of selling anything or getting them to contact you.

Helping Out People

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If you are all about selling and don’t want to give information away for free, you are missing out on warm leads. Make sure that you create reciprocity and make your website visitors and group members feel listened to and valued before you present your sales pitch. Just think about networking for a moment; you will not turn up trying to sell your offers immediately. You will need to allow people time to get to know and trust you before they would buy. The same applies to internet marketing.

Creating Email Marketing Campaigns

If you don’t have time and energy to follow up all leads and would like to automate your prospecting and filter out the leads that are not serious instead of wasting your resources barking up the wrong tree, you will need to add some automation to your marketing. Whether you offer a free guide that will help your prospects understand the benefits of your services better or provide them with tips, you will certainly be able to get more done with less effort.

Testing Their Call to Actions

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If you don’t have call-to-actions on every page of your website, you are missing out on loads of sales and engagement opportunities. However, not all of the headlines will work the same way in specific niches. If you can set up two versions of your landing page and headlines and do AB testing, you can improve your conversions. When it comes to designing your paid ads, you will improve your click through and conversion rates if you include the tried and tested version of your call-to-actions.

If you are struggling with making money from your website and it is simply there waiting for visitors and floating in empty space, get in touch below to arrange a free evaluation and consultation. Lola’s Marketing Funnels has worked with dozens of small and medium sized businesses in Cheshire and helped them make the most out of their digital marketing efforts. Whether you are a shop owner or a consultant, we can tailor our sales funnels to your needs.

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