I often sit down with customers and give them an overview of the development areas of their social media posts. The thing is that most people are too busy strategising and running a business, so they simply cannot find the time or energy to crack the code of social media. There are also a lot of misconceptions about making social media marketing work for you, and you can pay £300 and upwards for a campaign set up that will get you zero results. The main goal, however, should not be to reach a number of people following you; it should always be engagement. 

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Social media egagement
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Finding Out What Works for Your Market 

When I sit down with my clients, they often start talking about paid social media and search advertising. I don’t believe in paying for an ad that has not been tested on your market yet. Therefore, I usually advise them that I first create a sales funnel, a content calendar, and then I can get some basic statistics about the audience and pick the winning posts to boost or promote. 

Detailed Demographics

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Social media profiles
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One of the good things about Google and other search engine consoles, and their platforms is that they are pretty good at reporting. Once you have the right tracking codes in place, you can find out a lot about who visited your site and your social media profiles. The same applies to social media. You can adjust your campaign and make your sales funnel more effective if you know you are talking to the right people. 

Split Testing 

There is one thing that I really love doing when I help my clients put together their first lead capture page; split testing. Chances are that they just clarified their mission and vision statement and created a motto or tagline, as well as a call-to-action. The first version is not likely to work smoothly, so we need to A/B test the different headlines, images, and texts. You can do this if you have the technical knowledge or support. 


Sales funnels are focused on engagement and two-way communication. If you are jut throwing messages out there without finding out whether or not your audience likes them or fins them relevant, you are wasting your time and money. Some of my marketing funnel designs include surveys and questionnaires, which help website owners and entrepreneurs tailor their offers and marketing messages online. 

Interaction and Market Research

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Social media sales funnels 

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Of course, one of the main reason you need a sales funnel and not just a marketing campaign is that it will allow you to interact with your audience long term.  You can gain their trust and get insight into what they are thinking about your product and your competition. Facebook, for example, allows you to keep an eye on similar pages to see how you are doing compared to them. 

If you would like to finally make sense of your online marketing and social media promotions, we would like to hear from you. Our sales funnels will give you the best return on investment and prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket, spending money on ads that don’t convert. 

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