One of the main challenges small and medium sized business owners face is that they simply don’t know what type of post is working on each social media platform. The other two challenges are related to the lack of time and skills. As a part of our monthly sales funnel packages, we offer various services. One of them is creating a social media calendar. As you can see, every client’s post is a different colour, and I can easily review what is going to be posted when. 

Social media calendar

Knowing Your Clients’ Behaviour

Every client’s social media calendar looks different. If you have an online shop, you might not want to post during the mornings; after work might be the right time. However, if you are a business coach, and are using LinkedIn to engage with your potential clients, you will want to post before the workday starts, or during the lunch break. 

Finding Out What Works In Different Markets

Another great benefit of social media management and creating a detailed calendar is that you will get various statistics and find out what is working on different platforms. I just had a chat with one of my clients this week and discovered that her mission statement on LinkedIn should really be on Twitter and Facebook, as we decided to target different niches on different platforms. We changed things around, created more relevant brand personas, and magic happened. 

Getting Detailed Reports

Apart from scheduling client posts ahead up to a month, I can see which types of posts are the most popular and where the visitors are coming from. I can also see how they interact with the post or the brand, and which social media content creates more likes, shares, and engagement. 

Privacy Issues Solved

The social media calendar and content management system is designed in a way that it protects clients’ privacy. While I was working with a limited number of companies, it was OK to get them to log in to their accounts manually or make me an administrator of their Facebook page or group. Now, however, I have a way of sending all new clients a link that will let them connect their social media without revealing the password or the login to their personal accounts. 

Client Involvement In Sales Funnel Design and Social Media Calendar Content

While I do take care of the social media calendar of all my clients, and offer the strategy and sales funnel design as standard within the package, I am not a mind reader. This is why I support every single entrepreneur I work with to develop their own unique content based on their USP and brand messages. This will make the engagement much deeper throughout the sales funnel. 

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