If you would like to generate leads on social media, Facebook marketing campaigns might be a good place to start. However, I come across business owners every day claiming that Facebook doesn’t work for them. In fact, the chances of getting your campaigns right the first time are very slim. You need advanced targeting, a detailed strategy, and advanced statistics. Find a few tips on making your social media work below.

Never Hit The Boost Button on Facebook

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to Facebook advertising is that they simply go for the easy option. Just put yourself in Facebook’s shoes. If you recommended a certain setting, would you prefer making more money for yourself or the customer? Certainly yourself. Automation is fine, but you will have to take your time to overwrite the settings that were applied by robots. You are – hopefully – not talking to robots online, but real people. Never hit the Boost button on Facebook.

Create a Strong Brand Message

The greatest challenge people face when trying to market their business online is that they need to appear real and trustworthy. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves an expert on Facebook, and you will have to create social proof before your social media ads will convert. You should focus on reviews, recommendations, engagement, and a strong brand message before you are able to maximise your conversion rates on Facebook marketing campaign.

Find a Way to Stop Them Scrolling

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If you are just boosting a meaningless image, people are going to scroll past your post, and it will get little or no engagement. There is far too much white noise and distraction. People today are only scrolling through pages to see if there is anything interesting. A static photo will not cut it. You will need advanced content to make them stop and listen to you.

Build Your Organic Follower First

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If you boost an empty page, or have no real followers, you are not getting the best value out of your Facebook advertising campaign. You should always make the most out of your current followers and engage with them. The more organic likes you have on your page already, the better your paid social media campaigns will do.

Master One Social Media Marketing Method

It is crucial that you don’t spread yourself too thin when it comes to social media marketing. Every platform has a different algorithm. What works on Instagram, for example, might flop on Facebook, not to mention the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn. I am currently working with a client whose Instagram we could crack straight away, and her follower base is growing significantly, however, Facebook is a hard cookie for her niche. We completely changed the strategy and now are focusing on a different type of content.

Analyze Everything and Get Your Marketing Statistics

Marketing – at the end of the day – is a numbers’ game. You have to make the most out of your business intelligence, so you can improve your digital marketing every day. You should analyze everything and understand what each one of them means. Unfortunately, Facebook will not tell you everything on one page. That is why we offer a simple and straightforward report that will tell you about the most popular posts, your most engaged followers, and the top keywords and influencers.

If you would like any advice with regards to generating leads on social media for a UK business, get in touch for a free consultation and marketing SWOT analysis.


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