When I sit down with my sales funnel clients, I often go through various exercises to identify makets they might not have thought about or to check whether or not they are barking up the right tree. One of the things I get them to do is identifying their ideal client. I actually developed a really powerful worksheet that might help your business, too. You can download it here.

What Do They Look for Online?

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Without being a part of your market’s inner circle, you will not be able to understand your niche. It is impossible to build an effective sales funnel without knowing who you would like to reach. There are plenty of online communities and groups you can join related to your industry, and you can even follow your competitors, so you can find out more about their approach to engaging with potential clients.

What Is Their Biggest Struggle?

When people buy something, they already realize their need for a solution. If you don’t understand the biggest struggle of your market, you will never be able to match your solutions with their problems. People buy because they either fear missing out, or are motivated to make the most out of their lives. If they are stuck with something, and you can sovle their most urgent problems, you don’t even need to try hard to sell them anything. They will come to you.

What Are Their Values?

No matter if you are selling small fashion accessories or a training programme, it is important that you are able to align your personal and brand values with your audience’s. You can find out more about what people are searching for, and how you can connect with you emotionally. It is crucial that you can establish the “like me” moment when people realise that they trust and like you. This will make it easier to close the sale, too.

What Are Their Preferences?

If you would like to tailor your product or service to your target market’s needs, you will need to figure out what makes people buy and tick. You have to understand what really matters for your niche; is it the price, the service, the prestige, or the quaity? Once you know what makes people interested in what you have to offer, and what their buying triggers are, you can focus your case studies and your featured testimonials around those aspects.

Why Would You Choose You?

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This is a question I often ask my sales funnel coaching clients, and most people smile. If you are a coach, a personal trainer, or a photographer, you really need to know what sets you apart from your competition. Tbis is why I go on and on about USP and unique value proposition. If you cannot communicate your value effectively, you will never make people realize that what you offer is what they need. Put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes and try to find one unique aspect about your business that will convince them that your offer is more valuable than your competition’s.

If you would like to improve your conversion rates, you will need to get to know as much as possible about your target market. Do your research before you launch a digital marketing campaign so you can laser target the market segment that is the most likely to engage with you and buy from you.




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