If you haven’t heard about infographics before, you are not alone. In fact, we have loads of clients who had no idea what this sexy piece of content was, but they immediately fell in love with it. We have used infographics for creating our own sales funnel case studies, to highlight the experience of our consulting client, and to explain how various products work. Below you will find a few examples of our amazing infographics, starting at £75.

How To Use Infographics to Improve Your Sales Funnel

We use infographics for websites, social media marketing, and LinkedIn profiles. If you would like to create a case study that will be read all the way through and get the message across, infographics are great. You can entertain and inform your audience and target market at the same time. Not to mention that infographics are very easy to share; they behave like any other image, so perfect for Pinterest traffic.

Infographics as Lead Magnets

You can also use infographics as lead magnets. Let’s say that we are working with a blog owner who is looking to create a cheat sheet or guide in an easy to consume format. We will design the infographic that can be downloaded and printed. People will love the design and the easy to follow chart, so they will be more than happy to sign up for the site to get their hands on this useful kit. You can also make infographics clickable and interactive. Years back, I have written a blog post for CopyPress, one of the largest SEO agencies in the US about this: “9 Things Nobody Told You About Infographics

The Sexy Side of Infographics

Image via Creative Bloq

In my opinion, infographics are the sexiest content out there. You will need to admit; there is nothing better than visually pleasing your audience and getting your message across. We have created infographics with funny animation, with videos, and with scrolling text, too. This type of content is amazing when you are trying to explain complex issues in a simple way. You can turn an article into infographics, or even transform a 30-page white paper into a one page graphic representation of the problem and solutions. You will also be happy to know that infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than an article. After all, the attention span of humans is 8 seconds; shorter than that of a goldfish (we are talking about Millennials here).

Social Proof and Infographic Design for Effective Sales Funnels

The main purpose of this type of content is to deliver data and facts in an entertaining way. People are constantly looking for statistics and reliable information, but they don’t necessarily want to read a book or long report. They are great for branding and increasing your credibility. After all, you can add your logo to every page, use your own colours, and even display your testimonials.

What Type of Content Can You Turn Into an Infographic

You can turn almost anything into an infographic. Our expert will magic amazing content out of almost anything. In the past, we have created infographics out of:

  • CVs
  • case studies
  • articles
  • blog posts
  • presentations
  • user manuals
  • press releases
  • industry reports
  • email newsletters
  • tutorials

If you are interested in making your content go viral, or have an idea for an engaging infographic, get in touch below to find out more about this service and how to add people to your sales funnel through content.

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