Last week, I had a meeting with one of my sales funnel clients. He is a coach, and on one of the highest level of packages, which entitles him to regular content coaching, braisstorming, and strategy sessions, as well as the regular updates, reports, and markeitng automation. You can check out the different levels of packages we offer for growing businesses here. Find out why I turned up with a couple of A3 papers and a pen below.

We had a coaching session scheduled, and I had a list of questions I wanted to ask him. I woke up with the thought that I simply had to give him a kick up the back side to move him and his business further. He needed to get more focused, organised, and manage his time better when it comes to creating content. Most of all, I asked him the previous week to create an ideal client profile, and I wanted to discuss it.

The Ideal Client Drawing


As you can see, I am far from being an artist. I work with artists, and I am sure they wouldn’t approve of my drawing. However, the main thing is that I have helped my client understand what their ideal client is thinking.

The good news is that I have now created a more strucutred tool that can help you identify your ideal customer, which is available for all my coaching clients. If you would like to have a copy, you can download it here.

How to Understand Your Market Better

Once you know what the most urgent problems your ideal client is facing, you will be able to position yourself and your sales funnel better. You can understand what might make them buy from you, what would make them be careful, and overall understand their buying decision better. After all, you don’t want to talk to just anyone; you are better off working with people who are the most likely to become customers.

Making Your Sales Funnels More Focused

Once you know which messages your potential clients are the most likely to react to, you can improve your sales funnels. Cut the fluff and get straight to the point. Answer the questions that they are secretly asking. Tell them how you can make their lives easier, better, or more enjoyable. Every customer has a desire when they are looking for solutions. If you can find out what motivates them to buy, you can improve your conversion rates and your marketing.

Moving On Leads

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One of the main problems some of my clients face is that they are able to generate leads, but cannot convince them that what they are offering is what the customer needs. The main reason for this is because they don’t have a sales funnel that communicates their value and creates engagement with their target market. You will need to move your leads from the awareness and interest stage to the demand and action stages of the sales funnel, whcih is the most challenging task. If you are selling a high ticket item or coaching service, you will need multiple touch points tailored to your ideal customer’s needs.

Improving Your Social Media Messages

Knowing your ideal client is not only important when it comes to closing deals, but also for generating them. You have to understand what your market wants and needs, and which type of messages they react. You also have to know which social media platform they are active on, and when. Our social media management packages will give you a simple to interpret overview of your audience, so you can stop shooting in the dark.

Getting to know your customers might look like a hard task, but not if you are using advanced tools and sales funnels. Talk to us to get help with identifying your target market.



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