If you have been trying to manage your Facebook marketing alone, you might have been looking for the “easy button”.

The bad news is that it is not there.

You can’t buy likes and expect bots to buy from you.

You can’t just sell and sell without providing value.

It is important that you find your unique voice, understand your ideal client, and tailor your messages to their needs. Without this, you can never get your social media marketing off the ground.

Another important thing to consider is following up. Just think about it. Nobody will buy you the first time they come across your Facebook page. They want to know that you are the real deal. You will have to follow up every contact and keep people engaged. Below you will find out more about what our social media sales funnels involve.

Account Setup and Optimization

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If you have been trying to get your website noticed, or you have worked with some low quality service providers, chances are that your account lacks engagement. I recently started working with a client who had thousands of likes on her page, but only about 50 of them were from their ideal client pool. Most of them, to be honest, were bots added by a dishonest marketer to take the money and run.

Content Calendar and Review

Once we have our initial discussion with you, we will come up with a content plan. This means that you will know exactly what we are planning on doing, so you are never kept in the dark. You can tell us if you would like another angle; after all, it is your company, and you know your customers and your value the most.

Detailed Social Media Marketing Engagement Statistics

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The best part of our job as a full service sales funnel agency is that we are transparent and can show you the results. Most people will pray that you never figure out how Facebook and Instagram insights work. We go further than that. We will send you a detailed report on how your posts are doing, what is popular, and how much engagement you got.

Follow Up Sequences

Once we have your social media accounts in order, we will come up with a plan to take it to the next level. We will suggest implementing a lead capture page or a messenger bot. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get technical, either. We do the setup and development, so you can sit back and see the leads come in every day. In other cases, we will suggest that we add paid Facebook ads, so you can get real, organic leads who are serious about your business.

Lead Capture Design

As we are sales funnel experts, we will not expect you to figure out how to create a lead capture or squeeze page. We will do it all, including your own graphics, and autoresponder integration.

Are you interested in taking your business to the next level on social media? Have a chat with us and find out how we can help. Alternatively, check out our social media marketing packages.


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