In the past few weeks, many of our clients have experienced a drop in organic reach on their Facebook pages. In fact, no matter what industry you are; you will have limited visibility. The simple answer to the question “why” is that Facebook wants to make money. Just imagine if Facebook gave away all that traffic for free, how would they make money of advertising? Organic reach of Facebook pages is declining, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get leads and visitors. Below you will find a few tips on how to overcome this Facebook algorithm change and still reach your potential customers.

The Reason Why Your Facebook Page Is Dying

You cannot blame Facebook alone for the decline in your reach. There is a lot of competition out there, and this means that you will need to stay in touch with your audience or they will forget about you completely. Simply too much distraction can kill your engagement. Just remember that creating a Facebook page only takes a few minutes, but staying on top of your content and engagement will take several hours a week. You have to ensure that you are answering the questions your audience has, or you will see a decline in your organic reach of your Facebook pages. If you stop posting, your audience will start listening to your competition. Consistency is one of the major challenges of business owners, and this is why your Facebook page is dying.

Who Are Your  Facebook Followers?

Facebook followers

When we start working with new social media management clients in the UK and abroad, we look at their stats and often find out that the people liking the business page are friends and family members. Or even worse; they are on another continent. It is important that you know who is engaging with your page. You should only have potential customers on your Facebook business page, or you are going to have a hard time getting conversions and kick starting your marketing. If none of your followers are engaging with your post, chances are that you need a new plan.

How To Create Value Posts

Adding a few value posts can increase your page visibility, but you will need to ensure that you are not spamming people. Value posts don’t include a link or a call to action. They contain some insight, personal branding, stories, or valuable advice. You will need to understand your ideal customers before you would create this post, so you can answer their question and address their pain points. A value post might include  photo of you, a behind-the-scenes video, or even a Facebook live. You need to remember that your customers want to have a relationship with you before they would trust you.

The Need for Facebook Advertising

If you are not getting engagement on your posts after publishing a few value posts, chances are that you are not reaching the right people who are tuned into your content. You can still reach out to large groups and use traditional networking methods, but – if you want results fast  – you might need to invest money in increasing your reach. Facebook advertising is the best way of engaging with your audience and getting people to notice your brand. If you tick the “awareness” stage of your sales funnel, you will have an audience that is really interested in what you are doing.

Build Your Social Media Sales Funnels for Consistency

You can’t expect someone to marry you the first time they meet you. The same principle applies to social media. People want to see that you are for real, and you are providing value. This is why you will need to build a funnel for constantly engaging with your social media followers, even when they are not on Facebook. You don’t need a complicated funnel. In case you have signed up for Clickfunnels or another site and haven’t managed to figure out what to do, we can take care of this process for you. A simple download and autoresponder sequence can go a long way.

How Our Social Media Management Packages Can Help

Some of our social media management packages  include advertising credits, so you will be able to leverage organic and paid growth at the same time. We will take care of all your posts and content, and – at the same time – set up your campaign based on the stats we generate. No more shooting in the dark. We will target the audience that is likely to listen to your offers and is already considering your product or service. This will save you a lot of money, time, and optimise your return on marketing investment.

Should You Consider Signing Up For Affordable Social Media Management Packages?

If you find yourself busy most of the time, and have no time to brainstorm business ideas and marketing campaigns, it might be better if you left it to a digital marketing funnel agency. We can plan your campaigns, give you recommendations on engagement and posts, and even create some eye-catching videos to get you more organic engagement. Of course, you will need to pay us, but you will get marketing results faster. Check out our social media marketing packages to see how affordable our prices are.

Are you suffering from low engagement on your Facebook business page? Get in touch for a free consultation to find out how we can help.


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