We talk about competition and standing out from the crowd a lot, but it is often hard to make your brand unique and relateable, If you are thinking about scaling your business and getting more customers, it might be a good idea to make adjustments to your sales funnels, so you can create emotional connections with your readers and prospects. Below you will find a few tips on creating and telling your brand story online using marketing funnels.

1. Your Blog

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If you have a company website, you need to keep it updated, so your leads and followers come back for fresh content all the time. You might think that you should blog for search engines first, but this is not the case. Of course, you will have to include the search phrases your target customers are looking for, but you have to make it personal. A blog cal also be a good way of telling your brand story, what you stand for, and communicating your vision and values. You can also add people to your sales funnel easier if you establish a personal connection.

2. Your Social Media Posts

You can use your social media accounts for marketing only, but people are interested in what is going on behind the scenes. Your personal story, the reason why you started your business, and what makes your offer different. You can tell your brand story through live videos, short presentations, or even by educating your audience and publishing business quotes.

3. Facebook Live

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if you are not camera shy, you can create evergreen content that will make your followers get to know you in person. It is hard to sit down with every single prospect to turn them into customers, and this is why sales funnels were invented. A Facebook Live broadcast covering issues your followers are interested in can have thousands of views, even if not all of them will happen live.

4. Webinars

If you would like to position yourself on the market as an expert, you might want to hold some free webinars to add people to your marketing funnels. The good news is that you can get people to sign up for alerts and automatically add them to your mailing list for other free resources, as well as your lead pages. You might present upsell offers after they signed up for the webinar, or simply follow up with a survey.

5. Podcasts

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Podcasts are having a comeback, and you should take full advantage of the technology available. They are similar to a Facebook live, but you can record them any time and allow people to stream then whenever they feel like. After you have recorded a few episodes. you can get your followers to share their feedback, invite other people, or sign up for alerts. Your podcast will remain online until you remove it and allows you to let your personality shine through the publication. People are constantly looking for advice and information, and an increasing number of customers are listening to podcasts while commuting.

Telling your brand story online has several benefits. You will be able to improve your reputation, make people remember you as a person or your brand, and stay in touch for linger. Implement one of the above five methods in your sales funnel design, and you will no longer find it hard to stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace.

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