If you have been relying on traffic machines and SEO tools to drive visitors to your company’s website, you might be wondering what went wrong. The truth is that no machine can replace human interaction and personalised content. If you would like to build a unique brand, you will need to tailor the content, website, graphics, and links to your potential customers’ needs. Below you will find five reasons why your SEO tools don’t work.


  1. Lack of Expertise

Unless you’re a SEO expert, you will not be able to make the most out of a SEO software, and might be wasting your money, instead of trusting a professional to create and manage your campaigns. The software can only automate processes if you know where you are looking to get traffic from, and what your audience is interested in. If you would like to make the most out of your small business digital marketing, it is important that you know your audience, their preferences, and what your competition is doing.

2. No Targeting

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If you don’t target the right traffic, you will not get relevant traffic and your conversion rates will be low, while your website’s bounce rate (the percentage of people turning back immediately after landing on your site) can be sky high. You need to know your market before you can feed the data to the SEO software.

3. Lack of Personal Touch

While you might generate content that includes all the keywords your audience is searching for, you can fail to engage with them on a personal level. If you don’t tell the story and create an emotional connection, you are not giving them a good enough reason to buy from you, instead of other companies out there. If you are one of the gardeners in your area, and you have a strong competition, you have to differentiate yourself and make people to trust you with their landscaping project.

4. Low Quality Links

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In 2018, quality is more important than quantity. You might get loads of backlinks from the SEO software, but no sales. You have to get in touch with other sites and offer reciprocal linking, create engaging content, and guest posts to draw attention to your offer, instead of spamming blogs. This is where a professional local marketing agency‘s expertise can help you.

5. Hard to Interpret Graphs and Statistics

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It might be the case that you can simply not understand your website’s Google Analytics statistics and the charts produced by the SEO software. Even if you know that you are not getting enough local social media engagement, you have no idea how to address the issue.

If you have tried SEO software before, and are not seeing the results you expected, it might be time to find a hands-on solution. At Marketingfunnels, we train our customers to be able to complete their own marketing campaigns and create meaningful relationships, because we believe that only you understand your market and your business well enough to tailor the messages to the needs of your audience. If you need help with SEO and getting more visitors, get in touch below and book your free consultation.

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