If you have been working on your website and implement some search engine optimisation methods to rank higher in search engines, you might have heard about the importance of keywords. However, not many small and medium sized business owners know that doing too much can backfire, and ruin your website SEO. Today, I would like to tell you about keyword stuffing and how it can damage your online marketing campaigns.

1.     Keyword Stuffing In Your Title

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Your website title will tell the person hitting search on Google or other search engines what your site is about. It has to be informative, and you shouldn’t simply fill it with keywords. For example, you can say “family friendly photographers in North London”, but if you say: North London photography services with professional photographers in a friendly photography studio”, you will have some issues with search engines and your rankings.

2.     Description Keyword Stuffing

If you simply stuff keywords in your description without it making sense to your readers, you do more harm than good. When you design your website SEO, you need to first consider your visitors and readers, and only think about keywords and search engines second. This is where many small and medium sized businesses go wrong with their online marketing.

3.     Unnatural Content

If you want your website updated regularly, you might get some cheap overseas services to write your content. There are several freelance websites offering 500-word articles for only a few dollars, or two pounds. Unfortunately, the people writing these blog posts will not  bother checking what your site is about, let alone asking questions. You might end up with recycled, copied, or low quality content that will harm your search engine rankings.

4.     Hiding Keywords

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An old black-hat SEO method that is – unfortunately – still used today by website owners is hiding your keywords. These methods are easily detected by search engines, and you can make your site disappear from search engines completely. If you think you can get away with putting keywords on your site and making them the same colour as your backgrouond, you are mistaken.

5.     Using Generic Keywords

If you want to rank for “cakes” or “photography”,  you will possibly need to pay millions for ads. Instead, you should focus on search engine optimisation methods that get you the right visitors. If you have a business that sells old cars, you can create long tail keywords that list the models available, or answers questions your vintage mobile lovers might have.

Keywords are important to your website ranking, but they don’t deliver you customers alone. You need to focus on making your site user-friendly, and creating a custom sales funnel that turns them into customers. If you need help with creating a custom online marketing campaign for your needs, talk to a professional who will tailor their services to your audience and market.

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