If you are planning on growing your business and would like to get more customers, digital marketing might be the best and most cost-effective way of getting started. However, if you are not familiar with the different online advertising trends and customer behaviour changes, you will end up losing money. Below you will find a few mistakes to avoid if you would like to get your brand online. 

1. Inconsistent Brand Messages

consistent brand messages in your marketing funnels

Brand message development
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We have all been there, when trying to focus on a new venture or grow our business, and not being sure which message would stick. You don’t want to use a different colour scheme and logo for every platform, so why would you do it when it comes to brand messages? You will need to make it clear for your audience what your company is about, what your USP is, and what your mission and vision is. This will help you engage with them on a personal and emotional level. 

2. Choosing the Wrong Platform

If you are a business coach, it is not likely that your main platform will be Instagram or Facebook. While they can help you reach out to clients, you will wan to look professional. Therefore, focus on business group pages, LinkedIn, and other platforms. At the same time, designers and artists will do better on Instagram and Pinterest than on Twitter and LinkedIn. Find out which social media platform your readers are hanging out before you choose your advertising platform. 

3. Lack of Engagement

The main purpose of sales funnels is to create customer engagement and nurture relationships with your market, so you will have an easier job convincing your audience that you offer great value to them. Therefore, if you are simply talking about the same thing as everyone else, and don’t personalise your messages, you will lose out. Many new business owners are worried about the latest GDPR regulations and fail to utilise autoresponders and newsletters, missing out on customer engagement. 

4. Not Getting Feedback

marketing campaigns using feedback
Asking for feedback on your digital marketing 
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It is crucial that you know that not all first campaigns are a success. In fact, most people give up on digital marketing after just a few months, as they don’t see the results. The good news is that you can put one of the sales funnel elements to good use if you want to improve your digital marketing; feedback forms and surveys. If you ask for feedback and send out a survey about what your audience would like to read and learn about, you will have a better chance of getting your promotions right. 

5. Not Checking the Statistics

digital marketing statistics
marketing statistics
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The main reason why most small business owners don’t check statistics is because they are not competent using the different digital marketing reporting tools. Facebook will give you advanced statistics on where your visitors come from and when they are active. Google Analytics, on the other hand, will provide you with daily stats and referral statistics. This will help you make continuous improvements in your marketing strategy.

In case you are just getting started with creating an awareness about your business online, feel free to get in touch and book a free consultation. We can help you identify your audience and your main brand messages, as well as your most effective content types. 

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